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Lightlife’s Savory Plant-Based Food Innovations

LightLife Hot Dogs Plant Based FoodAs I mentioned at the beginning of the year, one of the biggest food trends for 2018 will be the expansion of plant-based food innovations, such as plant protein sources and Lightlife is one of the pioneers.

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Plant-based diets are dominating the food world.  Several manufactures are diving head first into using science to manipulate plant-based ingredients resulting as innovative products.

Lightlife uses plant proteins, such as soy and beans to create delicious, healthy food choices for those wanting to steer away from meat based protein sources.

What is Lightlife?

In 1979, Lightlife was created to provide protein alternatives to vegetarians.  However, recent food trends have stimulated demand for healthy, plant based nutrition.

Lightlife provides quality, delicious food and make it accessible for those desiring a more healthy lifestyle.

LightLife Products- Plant Based Foods


Offering an array of products from pasta to meatless alternatives, Lightlife’s products can be conveniently stored in the freezer.

Where to find Lightlife?

Lightlife’s has a wide variety of vegan and non-GMO products, including frozen meatless bowls, pastas and snacks.


LightLife Deli Options - Plant Based Foods

In the deli area of Kroger, Earthfare and Publix, you will find a wide-array of flavorful meats and sliced products, including pepperoni, turkey, ham and bologna.


In the produce and dairy department, meatless choices include chicken, sausages, burgers and even an alternative to processed hot dogs.

LightLife Plant Based Meatless Food


Delicious Convenience

Lightlife Plant proteinMost of Lightlife’s products can be heated in your microwave, however, I prepared the Wild Mushroom Ravioli, the traditional way for dried pasta.

I dropped the ravioli in rapidly boiling water. They took only 3 minutes to float, which indicated they were done.

After draining the water off the pasta, I made a quick Alfredo sauce and mixed it with the pasta; topping with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.

The ravioli was delicious.

I should have ate it WITHOUT the sauce.

Each ravioli was loaded with flavorful mushrooms and at only 390 calories, the signal portion sized package, made for a delicious, satisfying lunch.

To get a second opinion from a true meat eater, I prepared the veggie sausage ravioli for my husband.  Filled with veggie sausage, roasted red peppers, kale and vegan mozzarella cheese; accompanied by a simple marinara sauce.

Easy Tomato Sauce Ready in 5 minutes

LightLife Meatless Sausage Ravioli

My husband was shocked.  The meatless sausage ravioli filling was flavorful and tasted like traditional pork sausage.

The ravioli were not heavy like other store bought pre-made products.  With just a small amount of sauce, the veggie sausage ravioli could be ate as a late meal, and not keep you up at night.

Because we are watching our cholesterol –

see my Lower Bad Cholesterol

the veggie sausage ravioli, as with most Lightlife products, contains ZERO cholesterol and is loaded in fiber (8g).

Tempeh Product Line

Lightlife has a selection of tempeh products. 

Originating in Indonesia, soybeans are fermented in a controlled environment; then formed into a cake-like product.

Lightlife is using science to advance recipes and manipulate plant-based ingredients and proteins.

According to Whole Foods Market,  new production techniques are also bringing some new varieties of nut milks and yogurts made from peas, bananas, macadamia nuts and pecans.

Click to locate a store near you where Lightlife Plant-based Protein and vegetarian products are sold.

I was financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.



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