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    Fiesta Sunday at Tacos ‘N Tequila

    Rain clouds disappeared for the 3rd annual Tacos “N Tequila Fiesta, where Greenville bartenders and chefs exemplify, just how good this Mexican food pairing can be. Tacos originated in the Mexican silver mines of the 18th century.  “Taco” refers to the small pieces of paper, wrapped  around gunpowder, and used as an explosive device, within the mining cave.   Which is very similar to meat being placed in a dough tortilla and dribbled with hot sauce. First produced in the 16th century, tequila is made from the blue agave plant, primarily found in the city of Tequila, Mexico. Tequila is a type of mezcal (a distilled alcoholic beverage made from any…

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    Cocktail Crawl in Greenville, South Carolina

    ***This is a sponsored post. Greenville, South Carolina has been ranked as one the fastest growing culinary destinations in the United States, but what about all the great libations and mixologist working at the many restaurants in the area?  These masters of mixology are creating some of the best cocktails and I am going to tell you about five of my favorites. First and foremost, if taking a cocktail tour of Greenville, make sure to make driving arrangements in advance. Lowcountry Valet and Shuttle Co would be happy to escort you, or a group to whichever delicious destinations you choose, without the worry of being arrested or endangering other drivers. …

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    Cocktail Spirits Elevated by Bitters

    What are “bitters?” Historically, bitters were derived from herbs, roots, fruits, infused with wine and used medicinally during Egyptian times. During the Middle Ages, distilled alcohol was included but bitters were still used as a preventative medicine. In the 19th Century, the British incorporated Canary Wine (white fortified wine imported from mainland Spain or the Canary Islands).   Sherry and Port are fortified wines, which are wines augmented with a dose of brandy or other spirit. By the early 1800’s, Americans had developed what we now know as the “cocktail,” a mixture of  liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters. Today, they are used to flavor…

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    Perfect Birthday Gift for a Foodie

    Another birthday has rolled around and although my husband did not inquire as to what I might like to do, I decided to create my own birthday celebration. Food adventures are what I love to do whenever we go on vacation or visit a new city. The culinary adventure I planned when we were in Las Vegas was one for the history books and another blog post. This extravaganza would be exciting for me and tolerable for my husband (he is not an adventurous foodie). First Stop: Downtown Greenville Farmer’s Market Having only been one time, last summer…I wanted to see what the market had to offer for 2017. Although…

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    Gourmet Goodies at Vom Fass Greenville

    Ever wanted to sample a whiskey before you bought it?  Ever want to taste an aged balsamic vinegar before you invested in a bottle?  You can do both of these at Vom Fass, a 258-store franchise operation.  Originally from Georgia, I never enjoyed the Vom Fass experience; relocating to Greenville has yet another benefit.  Ms. Jeanj Brodnax-Martin owns the Woodruff Road location with her husband, Michael.  Providing “the world’s best retail-sampling experience,” Vom Fass has a practical way to engage visitors. The Vom Fass Experience You will open the front and discover alcohol is on the right, vinegar and olive oils are on the left.  Of course, I headed right. …