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    Fiesta Sunday at Tacos ‘N Tequila

    Rain clouds disappeared for the 3rd annual Tacos “N Tequila Fiesta, where Greenville bartenders and chefs exemplify, just how good this Mexican food pairing can be. Tacos originated in the Mexican silver mines of the 18th century.  “Taco” refers to the small pieces of paper, wrapped  around gunpowder, and used as an explosive device, within the mining cave.   Which is very similar to meat being placed in a dough tortilla and dribbled with hot sauce. First produced in the 16th century, tequila is made from the blue agave plant, primarily found in the city of Tequila, Mexico. Tequila is a type of mezcal (a distilled alcoholic beverage made from any…

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    Introduction to Cooking With Wine

    A wine labeled “cooking wine” is usually an inferior wine that would not be drunk on its own.  It typically lacks distinction, flavor, and contain too much salt and unwanted preservatives. A good home chef will never use these products but instead use a good quality wine, they would drink on its own.    Be sure to use wine which compliments the food with which it is paired. But do not worry, there is no need to spend a fortune on wine destined for sauces and stews.  Some of those $10 bottles can taste delicious and will make a significant difference in your cooking applications. Alternative to wine If you…

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    Cocktail Crawl in Greenville, South Carolina

    ***This is a sponsored post. Greenville, South Carolina has been ranked as one the fastest growing culinary destinations in the United States, but what about all the great libations and mixologist working at the many restaurants in the area?  These masters of mixology are creating some of the best cocktails and I am going to tell you about five of my favorites. First and foremost, if taking a cocktail tour of Greenville, make sure to make driving arrangements in advance. Lowcountry Valet and Shuttle Co would be happy to escort you, or a group to whichever delicious destinations you choose, without the worry of being arrested or endangering other drivers. …

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    5 Tips for Hosting A Wine Tasting

    I love going to vineyards and wine tastings, which have provided first hand experience on the techniques for proper wine tasting. After visiting dozens of vineyards, AND actually HOSTING my own wine tasting. I want to share my knowledge with you. Believe or not, I hosted two tastings as an adult fellowship program at our home church back in Georgia. The wine events were very popular.  For such a small congregation, I think we had almost all the adults show up. Preparing for the event was fun!  Most importantly, I also had to consider what wine to taste. What country? What varietal? Was the tasting going to have a theme?…

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    Wine and Shopping in Highlands, NC

    Sampling various wines and shopping throughout the beautiful town of Highlands, North Carolina, with my husband – made for one of the most pleasant Saturday’s ever!   Sip and Shop Saturday was just one of the events at the 2017 Highlands Food and Wine Festival. Edible Upcountry and Edible Asheville Magazines partnered with the Highlands Chamber of Commerce arranging for local businesses to showcase a wine from Tryon Distribution. Each wine was paired with a particular gourmet food, courtesy of Gourmet Foods International. Ticket buyers were given a complimentary glass and a tasting program at the box office. We were free to stroll up and down Main Street with our glasses and…