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    Kicking My Bread Addiction

    Remember last week, I was going to change my eating habits.  After revealing my weight frustration to my doctor, he explained cutting out carbohydrates was more beneficial than exercising. Cutting Out Carbs Better Than Exercise? So, I have really been working hard, avoiding potatoes and pasta; which has not been a problem. I have discovered a few things… I HATE steamed cauliflower which has been put through the food processor to replicate mashed potatoes. I have felt more tired this week than normal. There are only so many salads you can eat. But, more urgently…MY BIGGEST BATTLE HAS BEEN… MY BREAD ADDICTION I love sandwiches for lunch.  They are relativity…

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    Bread,  Food For Better Health,  Political Food Policies

    Reducing Carbs Better Than Exercise

    Visited my internal medicine doctor last week, for my six month check-up.  Because I have high blood pressure, I like to keep it monitored. I was actually looking forward to the visit because it would be the first time I weighed, since staring my new power walking regime. Unfortunately, I GAINED 3 pounds!  I was devastated! My doctor assured me, walking the 2.6 miles at least 3 times a week was great, but perhaps I had boosted my appetite with my new routine. He said eating carbohydrates would trump any exercise I had endured.  Time for a CARBOHYDRATE CUT BACK. What are carbohydrates? Any food containing refined sugars, starches, fibers…