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Easy steak rub/marinade

Last night, we shared a porterhouse steak cooked on the gas grill.  It was amazing.  I came up with a new marinade that was EASY and flavorful.

  • Blot dry your steak with paper towels to allow your rub to adhere.
  • Using our tenderizer, I pressed holes into the steak to allow the marinade to soak in.
    Demi tenderizer
    Demi tenderizer
  • Liberally sprinkle your rub on the steak, pressing down the herbs to adhere.  I used Dizzy Pigs “Raise the Steaks”

Steak rub  Place steak in a zip lock bag.

Wisk together:  3 T. of your rub;   1/4 cup of port wine;   1/4 cup of good extra virgin olive oil;

3 T. of worcestershire sauce;    3 T. of A1 steak sauce


Pour marinade into zip lock bag with steak.  Seal bag.  Gently move the marinade around to coat the steak.

Allow the steak to sit at room temperature for 30-45 minutes, turning the bag over halfway through allotted time.

Remove steak from zip lock bag and immediately apply to a hot grill.  Discard remaining marinade.


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