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Comfort and Style at The Green Room

The Green Room Restaurant and Bar was host to my first Greenville Blog Society Meet Up.  It was great meeting fellow bloggers, who upon receiving their first course for the night’s dinner,  pulled out their phones to take pictures.  I always feel awkward doing this when I dine with my husband.

Being a blogger, I am the stereotypical introvert.  Getting out of my routine work environment (home) and talking to complete strangers about my blog was a huge step for me.  I did enjoy the fellowship and conversing with

Johnathan Anderson – author of Yeah That Greenville Guide,

Tiffany Anderson and

Tiffany Paraskevas, blogger at Macarons and Coffee

Ambience of The Green Room

Last night was my first visit to The Green Room Restaurant and Bar.  A small, quaint place on Main Street in downtown Greenville, it is spacious enough to accommodate our blogger group of 12.  Besides us, there were approximately 50-60 other patrons mixed throughout the tables and booths, along the recently renovated space.

With warm, earth tones, the dining room feels like a cozy, retreat with a simplistic but lively decor.  The large front windows provide natural light and the wood floors, with the brick accent wall make for a comfortable dining room. The bar has over a dozen chairs and is wide for dining. Contemporary music plays overhead, but is not too loud to drown out casual conversation.

Service at The Green Room

Our group tables were ready upon my prompt 10 minute early arrival time.  Water glasses were already filled and ready when I was led to our accommodations.  I was immediately greeted by our assigned server, Sara and she was very polite and patience.  Little did she realize, she would have to repeat our specialized group menu over and over.  I was impressed with the staff’s professionalism and consolatory demeanor to our indecisive bloggers.

The Green Room

Because we had such a large group, and we were bloggers, the chef prepared a specialized four-course menu to accentuate his most tantalizing offers.  I commend Chef John Acker for my delicious meal, which consisted of:

First course:  House Salad

Appetizer:   Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Entree:   Pan Roasted Airline Chicken Breast

Dessert:    Tiramisu


Food at The Green Room

First course: House Salad was a mix of lettuce, English cucumbers, sliced red onion, already cut cherry tomatoes, croutons and a delicious green goddess dressing.  I was so relieved to see the onion and tomatoes were cut, prepared for me to eat and were not whole cherry tomatoes or an entire wedge of onion.  The salad was served chilled, along with the creamy dressing, which had a peppery flavor, but was not overwhelming.

Appetizer: Spinach and Artichoke Dip.  The dip had a creamy texture, much like a bisque, however, pieces of the spinach and artichokes were large enough to recognized exactly what you were eating.  Served with the most tender, moist pita chips I have every consumed, the portion was so large I could not finish it all.  It would have been a perfect appetizer for two.

Entree: Pan Roasted Airline Chicken Breast.  Although I have no idea why this is an “airline” chicken breast, the roasting was perfect as it caramelized the skin just right for slicing consistency.  Boneless, the breast was tender and moist, with a light brown “herb chicken jus” sauce over the top, which mixed very well with the whipped potatoes and asparagus.

Dessert: Tiramisu.  Probably the most lite, fluffy tiramisu I have ever tasted.  The “ladyfingers” were not soggy and the cocoa flavor was not overpowering.  A great mixture of flavors, the Tiramisu (Italian for “cheer me up”) was a perfect ending to a fulfilling meal.

Being an abstinent blogger is key to appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship a chef labors into each prepared dish.  I wanted to take my time and enjoy each course, Chef John Acker did an excellent job and I look forward to dining at The Green Room Restaurant and Bar again.

[jbox color=”green”]The Green Room Restaurant and Bar

116 North Main St. Greenville, SC

Phone: 864-335-8222

Recommend reservations for weekend dining, but walk-ins are welcome.[/jbox]









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