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    Acclimate for a Good Steak

    Steaks: Grain vs. Grass Fed You need to acclimate your meat for a good steak. Because steak is one of the items I will pay a little extra, for good quality, I take particular steps to ensure I am getting the best flavor, juiciness and tenderness for my money. I will spend more for grain fed meat, when I can find it. Grain-fed Beef Pasture-raised, grazes on grass Later, fed hearty, rich-in-nutrients grain The most flavorful and highest quality beef available, with superior marbling and texture Top chefs agree, grain-fed beef tastes better and is the preferred choice of steak-lovers everywhere Chart courtesy of Omaha Steaks Grass-fed Beef Pasture-raised, grazes…

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    Rare Steakhouse on the Piazza

    Just moving to Greenville is proving to be an enlightening culinary journey.  Already thoroughly enjoying my first upscale steakhouse in Greenville, Rare Steakhouse on the Piazza serves delectable cuts of steaks.  Offering filet mignon, strip, rib-eye and a 40 oz porterhouse (enough for two people), steaks are cooked to guests desired done-ness..  The porterhouse satisfies both the filet mignon and the strip fans. Sliced before it is brought to the table, our porterhouse was cooked to perfection.  With a slight grill flavor with a peppercorn crust rub, it was absolutely delicious.  Sides are available a la carte, which the mashed potatoes were a perfect accompaniment to our steak.  Traditional or…