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Rise Biscuits Donuts Perks Up Greenville Mornings


South Carolina has a new option for breakfast, Rise Biscuits Donuts has brought their handmade biscuits, donuts and hash puppies to Greenville.

Originating in Durham, North Carolina, Rise has expanded to Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and now, for the first time in South Carolina. Soon, their 17th location will open in Texas.

Open for breakfast and lunch patrons, Rise has a variety of biscuits and hand-crafted donuts, you will not find anywhere else.

Manager, Brent Guinn is excited about the opportunity to expand into the South Carolina market.

Greeting every guest with, “Morning. Welcome to Rise,” the restaurant was fully staffed with pumped employees the day of the pre-opening party.

The biscuits are made fresh daily. Hungry diners can watch the biscuits being created through “spying windows,” purposely positioned along an eating bar for eat-in diners.

Rise Biscuits Greenville
Rise employees busy at work.

General Manager, Charles Koch admitted, “if you want to see the first daily batch mixed, you would have to be here at 2 am,” which, of course, Rise is not open that early.

Rise Biscuits and Donuts

I chose the sausage fried egg biscuit; prepared on the spot and served piping hot.

Along with the food, a simple, but convenient coffee bar, allows customers to prepare their own coffee, to their liking. Self-serve fountain drinks are available, as well.

Particular about my coffee, I only use fresh milk or half and half in my coffee, not dried creamers; imagine my surprise; decanted cold cream was on the coffee bar!


Rise Biscuits Donuts
Various kinds of pastries are available at Rise

So many pastry choices….

To judge Rise’s donut making ability, I chose a standard donut with a chocolate glaze.

The cake-like donut was delicious and filling, about five inches in diameter.

When I revisit, I will try the Bacon Maple bar. Shaped like an eclair, an entire strip of bacon adorns the top of this maple filled pastry.


But what everyone MUST TRY are the Hash Puppies.

Hash Puppies Rise Biscuits Donuts

Made from shredded potatoes and cheese, they are rolled like a tater tot and deep-fried. An ingenious concoction by manager Brian – a cross between a tater tot and cheese covered hash browns.

Make sure to ask for a side of his comeback sauce – great for dipping the hash puppies.

With only 4 hash puppies per order…I think Rise needs to offer them in 8 piece or even 10 piece portions.


Besides the bar I mentioned earlier, the restaurant has a couple of inside tables, but also, has more tables in a covered, outdoor patio area; which is adjacent to their drive-thru window.

Rise is available for catering events. Large orders need to be placed in advance.

Check out their website for full menu options.

Brian told me, “we try to change up at least one menu item every couple of weeks.” “One time it will be a biscuit substitute, another time it will be a more savory item.” So regulars will always have something new and interesting to try.

In my travels, I will be looking for other locations RISING up!

Rise Biscuits Donuts is in the Time Square Plaza

1507-D Woodruff Road
Greenville, South Carolina 29607
Monday – Friday – 6 AM to 5 PM;  Saturday & Sunday – 7 AM to 3 PM

I was compensated for this endorsement.


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