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    Cocktail Crawl in Greenville, South Carolina

    ***This is a sponsored post. Greenville, South Carolina has been ranked as one the fastest growing culinary destinations in the United States, but what about all the great libations and mixologist working at the many restaurants in the area?  These masters of mixology are creating some of the best cocktails and I am going to tell you about five of my favorites. First and foremost, if taking a cocktail tour of Greenville, make sure to make driving arrangements in advance. Lowcountry Valet and Shuttle Co would be happy to escort you, or a group to whichever delicious destinations you choose, without the worry of being arrested or endangering other drivers. …

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    Trending Tacos in Greenville at Tin Lizzy’s

    There’s no slowing down the craze for all things Latin American, but the taco trend has a life of its own. Tacos are not just for lunch or dinner but are also showing up for breakfast and desserts across the country.  The versatile taco can be stuff with a variety of fillings and toppings, making them an inexpensive dining option. Tin Lizzy’s Cantina is a trendy, casual dining spot with an incredible array of tacos, including The Grand Tinale, fried tortillas tossed in cinnamon and sugar. History of Tin Lizzy Cantina First opened in an Atlanta suburb, Buckhead, four college friends strived for a friendly atmosphere, specializing in superb hospitality.…

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    Cocktail Spirits Elevated by Bitters

    What are “bitters?” Historically, bitters were derived from herbs, roots, fruits, infused with wine and used medicinally during Egyptian times. During the Middle Ages, distilled alcohol was included but bitters were still used as a preventative medicine. In the 19th Century, the British incorporated Canary Wine (white fortified wine imported from mainland Spain or the Canary Islands).   Sherry and Port are fortified wines, which are wines augmented with a dose of brandy or other spirit. By the early 1800’s, Americans had developed what we now know as the “cocktail,” a mixture of  liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters. Today, they are used to flavor…

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    Kool Local Bar at Dive N Boar

    This restaurant has closed since this post was published. Located in the Cherrydale community of Greenville, sits an inconspicuous joint called the Dive-N-Boar.  Sitting in a strip center, off a busy Hwy 291, you would not suspect that great things happen inside this place, like good food and great music!  Locals probably realize the appeal with Happy Hour from 4 pm – 7 pm with drink specials and $5.00 appetizers, this place is a great location to meet friends and unwind. Friday and Saturday nights are JAM NIGHT with local musicians belting out their tunes and entertaining a full dining crowd. Although currently undergoing a massive kitchen renovation, the vibe…

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    Summertime Cocktails

    Summertime is my favorite time to have a light, fruity cocktail to make my mind THINK I am on vacation or sitting at the beach. Here a few of my recently discovered favorites. Let me know if you try them. It might be a little pricey to stock your liquor cabinet with all of these ingredients, so you may want to pace yourself. QUALITY COCKTAIL TOOLS ARE A MUST: BUY A SET HERE! Buddy 16-Piece Wine and Cocktail Mixing Bar Set–Bartender Kit w/Essential Barware Tools-Large 25 oz. Stainless Steel Shaker, Ice Bucket, Muddler, Double Sided Jigger – Free 1000 Cocktail Recipes PDF Hornitos Lemonade – This recipe is from Hornitos,…