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Kool Local Bar at Dive N Boar

This restaurant has closed since this post was published.

Dive N Boar Restaurant in GreenvilleLocated in the Cherrydale community of Greenville, sits an inconspicuous joint called the Dive-N-Boar.  Sitting in a strip center, off a busy Hwy 291, you would not suspect that great things happen inside this place, like good food and great music!  Locals probably realize the appeal with Happy Hour from 4 pm – 7 pm with drink specials and $5.00 appetizers, this place is a great location to meet friends and unwind.

Friday and Saturday nights are JAM NIGHT with local musicians belting out their tunes and entertaining a full dining crowd.

Although currently undergoing a massive kitchen renovation, the vibe in this joint is happening but cozy.

The Bar Book

With a massive amount of infusion specialty drinks, everyone can find a cocktail to please their pallet.  oh, by the way, a full array of craft beer choices, many on draft are available, including Thomas Creek Brewery (our local favorite).

Raspberry Muddle at Dive n Boar
Raspberry Muddle Cocktail

This gem was conceptualized and beautifully executed by our bartender. I asked for something fruity, with vodka and he made this raspberry muddle delight.  It was light refreshing and one of those cocktails that would sneak up on you before you knew it…had to reserve it to just one.

As a second drink, I ordered the Organic Rosehip Jack Daniels – a specialty infusion, among many the Dive-N-Boar develop; however, they were out of stock. Kinda disappointing, but already looking forward to another visit to try it.

The renovation comes on the heels of ownership, Cultured Kitchens, hiring a new head chef, who will be “renovating” the menu as well.  Despite the new menu arriving next week, the food we enjoyed during our visit two weeks ago, was delicious.


Dive N Boar MenuSeveral appetizers were looking good but we settled on the Pulled Pork Potato Skins.  Large waffle potatoes covered with cheese, green onions, pulled pork and a smooth barbecue sauce, topped with sour cream.  The portion was adequate for one appetizer serving (the happy hour portion); however, was hoping for a larger portion for two to share it.



As for our main entrees:

I ordered the BIG, BAD UGLY BURGER…large beef hamburger with cheese, bacon, lettace, tomato and onion.  It was a typical pub burger, no complaints.  I wish the barbecue sauce from our appetizer had been on the burger, might have bumped it up a notch. Ordered with your choice of side, mine, waffle potatoes of course.

Doug ordered the FISH & CHIPS.  Be aware, this was not a BEER BATTERED fish and chips, nor was it advertised as such; however, the cornmeal breading on the fish made it very difficult to eat. The breading was thick and heavy.  This might be one of the entrees “revamped” by the new chef.

Atmosphere and Service

Service was slightly above average.  The bartender did concoct a great drink and several different wait staff checked on us.  I would rate the atmosphere as light and friendly.  The bar is very large, “L” shaped and expands across the entire front of the restaurant.  A small stage is in a corner for those “Jam Nights,” and the kitchen sits in the middle.

Restrooms were clean and nice, located in the very back of the restaurant.  Several televisions are in the bar area for those sports fans and the sound system was top notch.  Set up to appeal to the 20-45 year old demographic, but comfortable enough for the slightly older crowd, like me.

I look forward to returning to Dive-N-Boar and checking out the new menu and cocktail list.  As of today, I would recommend this neighborhood spot.  I will write an update after the renovation.

Located at:   2541 N Pleasantburg Drive  Greenville, SC 29609





Monday – Thursday 4 PM – 12 PMish

Friday 4 PM – 2 AM

Saturday 4  PM – 2 AM






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