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Comfort and Flavor at Terrace Restaurant in Greenville

Stewart Penick’s Terrace Restaurant closed in early 2018; and, it WAS NOT because of the food!  He still owns Terrace in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Founder and CEO, Stewart Penick has brought his flavorful, comfortable dining experience to Greenville.  With two successful locations in North Carolina, Terrace offers traditional southern cuisine prepared in a more modern upscale style.

Signature Style of Southern Comfort Food

Terrace Restaurant Greenville, SCStewart Penick, with persuasion from his nephew Jacob, opened their first Terrace location in 2009. With success in Charlotte and Ballantyne, North Carolina, Penick wanted to bring his passion for good food, in a comfortable atmosphere to Greenville.

This has been a year and a half process,” said Stewart Penick.  Remodeling a former auto repair shop, in the West End historic district may have been a tall task, but the dining room and bar area are cozy, using warm earth tone colors. The high industrial ceiling along with the historic brick accent wall, above booth dining, exemplify the vintage design Greenville intended for this part of town.

Commitment to Greenville

General Manager, Doug Stevens explained, “Terrace appreciates the Greenville area.”  Buying local ingredients, collaborating with Upstate favorite Dark Corner Distillery and featuring local artist paintings in the dining room exemplify their commitment to the area.

Featuring 20 craft beer breweries operating in the Carolinas.  All these breweries use local ingredients and share Terrace’s commitment to working with regional businesses.

Most of the vegan offerings include products from Asheville, North Carolina.

Artwork at Terrace Restaurant Greenville
Hand painted art work hangs on the walls at Terrace, featuring local talent.

Savory, Flavorful Food

Along with signature dishes like shrimp and grits, chicken and waffles (being red velvet waffles) and fried green tomatoes, patrons will enjoy a variety of savory, filling dishes.

Chicken and Waffles at Terrace in Greenville, SC
My favorite dish, fried chicken and red velvet waffles with a warm maple syrup.


















Breakfast includes traditional steak and eggs; biscuits and an incredible Lemon Poppy Seed French Toast.  Unusual but delicious, the lemon poppy seed bread is delectable with a mellow sweetness.

Penick discovered most who seek out brunch, still desire breakfast type fare, even after lunchtime.  Serving breakfast/brunch until 3 PM, visitors can enjoy other full-flavored offerings such as; pancakes, omelets, and benedicts.


I plan to visit the Greenville Saturday Market, then enjoy brunch at Terrace.


Among many delights on the dinner menu (4 PM – 9 PM); Smothered Chicken, a grilled chicken breast, sauteed mushrooms, grape tomatoes and grilled onions.  Or you can enjoy the succulent, perfectly cooked Marsala Filet Medallions, which are seasoned and seared, served with mushrooms and Marsala sauce.  Both entrees include cheesy mashed potatoes which are creamy and soft.

Mini Chocolate Torte at Terrace Restaurant Greenville, SC
Penick prides himself on his finely tuned menu full of flavor and a variety of butter sauces, along with his wife, Cindy’s dessert menu, with new sweet treats offered every few months. Cindy’s Mini Chocolate Torte is a smooth semi-sweet chocolate mousse topped with chocolate ganache over chocolate cookie crumbs.



The Dining Experience

I am one of those who strategically plan a dining experience. Terrace illustrates my necessary criteria for a great restaurant.

                    Well-prepared, flavorful food

                    Exceptional Service

                    Enjoyable Experience

Terrace in Greenville illustrates all these criteria to a superlative level.

The wait staff was very attentive, prompt and courteous.

The restrooms, which in my opinion can tell the true story of a restaurant’s virtue.  The female bathroom was clean, beautiful and modern.

Not exceedingly large, the bathroom had warm decor and conveniently located.

From the Bar

Collaborating with Dark Corner Distillery has allowed Terrace to offer signature cocktails, available nowhere else.

  • Berry Shine Smash – moonshine with a berry puree
  • Blueberry Crumb Cake – Dark Corner Butterscotch Whiskey w/ blueberries and graham crackers
  • Southern Belle – strawberry, pineapple, Whiskey Girl Peach and Campari

For American Whiskey lovers, like me, Terrace has 37 bourbons and 15 single malt scotch varieties.

Scotch and bourbon menu at Terrace Restaurant
Scotch and bourbon menu at Terrace.


And something very unusual for the Upstate, Terrace’s libations include four types of Japanese Whisky  including, Nikka; which won “Best of the Best” for their aged malt at the 2001 Whisky Magazines awards.  Japanese Whisky was rarely exported prior to 2001. Now, Terrace is one of the very few places serving this innovative spirit.

Terrace in downtown Greenville provides good, quality food, reasonably priced.  With an upscale-casual atmosphere, I plan to visit again for breakfast, lunch, dinner and I will visit after 9 PM on Friday or Saturday for their late night snacks and cocktails.

Please comment below if you visited and tell me your thoughts.













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