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Getting your spring plants ready…..

Planting season is almost here.  Right now, you should be thinking about what food you may want to grow and where, in your landscape you will put them.

First, determine which growing zone you live in…here is a chart to help you….


Determine your zone……





Once you have determined your zone, here are a few items you can consider growing….


I plan to grow a few herbs, once the chance of a frost has past.  Usually this is around April 15th.  If you decide to plant herbs, make sure the soil is slightly warm.  I try to wait till at least five days of sunny weather have past, to guarantee warmth of the soil.

If you plant and a late frost is forecast, just place a frost cloth over your tender plants, making sure the damp cloth does not touch the foliage of the plant.  You can use stakes, tomato cages or sticks propped upward in the soil to keep the cloth above the plants.

Remove the frost cloth the next morning, after the danger of frost has passed.

I will be interviewing a professional horticulturist next week and my post will include his 10 top tips for growing your own vegetables.  Till then, plot your plots.

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