• Favorite Large knives

    Buying, Caring, and Storing Knives

    As home cooks, our knives are one of the most valuable, instrumental tools in our kitchens.  Buying a cheap set of knives, encased in plastic, which ironically, you would need a knife to open, is just a waste of money.  Knives are the one tool where you get what you pay for.  Invest in  good quality knives, which have durability sharpness and an excellent reputation.  BUYING KNIVES Buying a knife should be very personal.  Brands and designs vary tremendously.  Some cooks like heavy knives, I actually do not, as I do not have a strong grip. Knives can weigh as much as 10-ounces, some as little as 6-ounces. Weight can…

  • Elephant Garlic
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    Garlic Adds Depth to Dishes

    My absolute favorite aroma from the kitchen occurs when I am sauteing butter, onions and garlic. Garlic is one – if not – the most versatile seasoning agent in the food world! A member of the lily family, garlic is a cousin to leeks, chives, onions and shallots. The edible bulb, or “head” grows below the ground.  The bulb consists of sections called cloves, each encased in its own parchment like membrane. Types of Garlic In the United States, there are three major types of garlic;                 Buying Garlic Fresh garlic is available at your local supermarket year round. Purchase firm, plump bulbs…

  • green wrapped christmas gift
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    10 Innovative Gifts for Home Chefs

    As a foodie and lover of kitchen gadgets, I annually compose a list of my favorite gifts for a home chef. Some of these I already own, but some are even on my Christmas wish list. These suggestions are for people like me, who would rather spend money at Williams-Sonoma, than at Loft. Let me know what is on YOUR kitchen wish list by replying at the end of the post. This article contains affiliate links. If you click and purchase, I will receive a few cents for each purchase.    1.ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4 – The Mk4 takes all the accuracy and speed of the Classic Thermapen and adds a…

  • 7 Kitchen Design Tips

    7 Important Kitchen Design Tips

    From personal experience of designing my own kitchen, here are 7 Design Tips anyone renovating their existing kitchen or building their dream kitchen, should consider. 1. Do Your Research Before you start the project, make a list of all the things you want in your kitchen. List the types of cabinets you like. Measure the square footage you have to work with. Consider what you like to do in the kitchen. Do you bake? Do you like entertaining? 2. Interview Your Cabinet Maker I considered three cabinet builders before deciding to use Cook’s Construction. I was very comfortable talking with him and even making changes during the process. He was…

  • consider a kitchen island when designing your dream kitchen

    Welcome To My Dream Kitchen

    I am finally returning from a month hiatus because my husband and I were moving into our new house, including my strategically designed kitchen. Things were just too crazy for the week leading up to the big move. However, I wanted to share with my fellow foodies how EXCITED I am over my new foodie kitchen. Follow me around and check out a few things I incorporated into the design. Dream Kitchen Video Tour   I created a sketch of what my dream kitchen would look like and this is very close. Thank you to Cook’s Woodworking, Inc. for having patience with me, during the designing process. I changed my mind…