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10 Great Foodie Gifts for Under $35

Christmas is almost here! Are you scrambling to get everything you WANT done, done?

Years ago, my husband and I agreed to not buy each other Christmas presents.

Instead, if we want something, we discuss the financial feasibility, and if possible – we just get it when we want it.

However, you may have a few people you are shopping for and if they like to cook – I have some great suggestions.

Titan Peeler/Slicer

Titan Peeler Slicer

I saw this tool demonstrated at a kitchen exposition several years ago.

The ability to julienne vegetables is my favorite trick; for example squash or zucchini noodles.

You can cut in any direction and they can be used on cheese, chocolate or fruit.

Great to create shavings for garnishment.

John Boos Cutting Board Care Kit

Almost every home cook has a bamboo or wood cutting board of some kind.

I actually have three.

Routine maintenance on good quality cutting boards – like the ones made by John Boos – is essential for longevity.

The John Boos Block MYSCRMAPP Cutting Board Care and Maintenance set includes; (1) 16 oz. bottle of oil; (1) 5 ounce bottle of board cream and an applicator.

The oil penetrates deep into the grain of the wood surface to protect and revitalize the wood fibers.

The board cream contains unbleached beeswax and a food grade mineral oil.

The higher wax content provides a moisture barrier that seals the top of the wood surface.

Home Grown Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

Home Grown Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

This kit will be perfect for any home chef, even if they do not have a “green thumb.”

The herb seeds, soil, plant markers, bamboo pots, trays, and an easy to follow planting instructions are all provided.

This kit comes with ecological bamboo planter pots, drip trays and wood plant markers that you may place nicely anywhere in your patio, windowsill or in the kitchen.

Any home cook would love to harvest their own fresh BASIL, MINT, CILANTRO, PARSLEY AND CHIVE herbs.

Seeds and soil are grown, harvested and packed in the USA!

Great gift for under $30!

A Spice Gift Set

The Book of Ethnic Food Flavors

Home cooks appreciate good quality spices. Create an Italian set, full of flavors for pasta, pizza, and pesto.  Or build a Latin flavor basket.

Use my FREE E-Book – “The Book of Ethnic Food Flavors,” to guide you.

Download it FREE by clicking HERE! 

A great personalized gift for anyone who likes to cook.

Spice Grinder

Hamilton Beach Custom Grind Coffee Grinders are ideal for precision coffee grinding, giving you the exact texture you want every time.

Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder
  • Quieter than the leading competitor
  • 1.2 cup capacity
  • Removable grinding chamber
  • Grinds coffee and spices
  • Cord storage
  • Stainless steel blades
  • On/Off button

My spice grinder came in handy when I was making homemade Italian sausage.

My recipe includes fennel seeds. Rather than exhaust myself using a mortar and pestle to grind up the seeds, I just used an electric grinder.


Ergo Spout & Mason Jar.

ErgoSpout affiliate partner

If you follow JoAnn’s Food Bites, you know I love Ergo Spout.

Great for precise pouring of any liquid or batter.

I have used mine for barbecue sauce, breakfast gravy, pancake batter and salad dressings.

Because it attaches directly to a mason jar, you can mix your salad dressing, in the jar and just top with the spout.

Made in the USA, by a fellow foodie – buying one, would be supporting a small business entrepreneur, as well.

USE MY CODE: JFB10 and receive 10% your first purchase!

Digital Measuring Cup

Digital Measuring Cup

What an innovative idea?   a digital measuring cup?

I saw this tool on Instagram and had to have one.

Measures weight and volume, at the same time.

LCD digital display for easy reading,detachable scoop for easy cleaning,Low voltage and overweight remind.

Converts 5 preset ingredients (flour, sugar, milk, water, oil) from ounces to cups

Operated by button battery 2032 3V (not included)


High-Quality Olive Oil

The Crescent Olive Oil company is family owned, producing premium olive oil and balsamic vinegar’s.

They are able to source oils from countries all over the world, from both hemispheres, ensuring the freshest and highest quality oils for home chefs.

With over 60 unique products on tap, I am sure Crescent Olive Oil Company can assist you in selecting an oil or vinegar that best fits your gift giving needs.

Meyer Lemon Tree in a Container

Meyer Lemon Tree in a ContainerThe easiest citrus to grow indoors is the Meyer lemon.

Meyer lemons are prized for their sweet flavor, a cross between a mandarin orange and a lemon.

The best part is the Meyer lemons available today are called improved because they don’t carry any citrus virus.

Make sure to plant the tree in a 5-gallon, plastic pot,  about 12-15” in height with good drainage.

For a bonus, include a moisture meter, to tell when your gift recipient when the tree needs watering.

Create a potting mixture of 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 potting soil, and 1/3 perlite that will fill the pot.

Make sure to tell your foodie, Meyer Lemon trees need 8-12 hours of light per day with southern or southwestern exposure to produce fruit.

Because home cooks use lemons so frequently, this gift would be one, that just keeps on giving.

DIY Gourmet Basket

Holiday food gift basket example

Get an inexpensive basket and fill it with items your special foodie would love.

Do you know a foodie who likes to bake? – include cookie cutters, icing tubes, a special flour.

What about a barbecue fanatic? – pick a few of your favorite rubs, or smoking wood.

A coffee lover? – drop in a few K-cups or a specialty roast coffee, as well as a personalized cup.

The possibilities are really limitless.

I hope this list has given you some gift ideas for the foodie in your life.

      Merry Christmas!



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