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    Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies 2020

    The holiday season is going to be different this year and most of our holiday gift shopping will probably be online, so my 2020 holiday gift guide is a bit unusual. Many of us will not be visiting family and friends, but still want to send a little festive cheer this holiday season. Everything on the list is under $50! More significantly, all the items promote a healthy lifestyle, which is what we all should be working towards. So, here is my 2020 gift-giving guide for all foodies – now get to shopping! Gifts for in the kitchen One of the best gifts you can give a foodie are tools…

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    15 Ideas to Help Your Baking Skills Rise

    I categorize baking and cooking as two different techniques, mainly because, I typically do not get excited about baking. However, baking is one of the most wholesome and therapeutic hobbies out there. You learn new skills, have plenty of fun, and impress your guests at dinner parties if you are a really good baker. Whether you’re totally new to baking or you’ve already got a few tricks up your sleeve, these tools and tips will help you make progress with your baking adventures. 9 Apps for Improving your baking skills Baking Recipes The Baking Recipes app is the perfect tool to improve your baking game! From classic recipes to new…

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    10 Great Foodie Gifts for Under $35

    Christmas is almost here! Are you scrambling to get everything you WANT done, done? Years ago, my husband and I agreed to not buy each other Christmas presents. Instead, if we want something, we discuss the financial feasibility, and if possible – we just get it when we want it. However, you may have a few people you are shopping for and if they like to cook – I have some great suggestions. Titan Peeler/Slicer I saw this tool demonstrated at a kitchen exposition several years ago. The ability to julienne vegetables is my favorite trick; for example squash or zucchini noodles. You can cut in any direction and they…