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    10 Great Foodie Gifts for Under $35

    Christmas is almost here! Are you scrambling to get everything you WANT done, done? Years ago, my husband and I agreed to not buy each other Christmas presents. Instead, if we want something, we discuss the financial feasibility, and if possible – we just get it when we want it. However, you may have a few people you are shopping for and if they like to cook – I have some great suggestions. Titan Peeler/Slicer I saw this tool demonstrated at a kitchen exposition several years ago. The ability to julienne vegetables is my favorite trick; for example squash or zucchini noodles. You can cut in any direction and they…

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    How and Why to Brine for Thanksgiving

    It is time for the most food festive holiday of the year – THANKSGIVING! All over social media, I see questions like: “what is the best way to cook a turkey?” “should I stuff my turkey?’ “should I brine my turkey?” I have baked, fried and smoked turkey for many, many Thanksgiving feasts. Regardless of which cooking method you chose, you must, must, BRINE your turkey. Now, let’s discuss proper prepping and cooking the traditional, centerpiece of your holiday meal. What is a Brine? Brining is a technique whereby meat is soaked in salt water, which tenderizes, moisturizes, and flavors the bird, as well as reduces the cooking time. Brining…

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    4 Kitchen Tips for Holiday Entertaining

    ***this post contains affiliate links Tis the season for holiday entertaining and for us home cooks, that means wonderful aromas being concocted in our kitchens. But don’t be stressed out! In a previous post, 5 Non-Food Thanksgiving Dinner Tips, I mentioned a few things to remember, when hosting a large crowd for a meal. I also created a free strategic dinner party planner, which includes step-by-step, day-by-day how to plan ahead and be prepared for any group dinner event, at your home. However, this post is going to discuss a few items essential to cooking top-quality dishes your guest will love. Follow these tips to relieve yourself of some of…