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3 Meals Every Beginner Cook Should Attempt

If you’re only just now starting to learn how to cook, it can be hard to develop your skills.

Attempting harder recipes can leave you feeling disheartened, and keeping it simple isn’t going to help you learn.

It’s all about finding the middle ground, simple recipes that have some challenge to them, and providing you with a tasty meal at the end of them!


If you’re looking to improve your cooking knowledge, try to make some of these meals yourself.


Pizza is a great recipe any beginner cook can take on if you have the equipment.

Not only is it fairly simple to prepare, but there aren’t too many people who dislike pizza.

It can be made in many different styles, and the toppings you choose are completely up to you – it’s really something you can get creative with.

Pizza we made and cooked on the Big Green Egg

Not only that, but pizzas are great for sharing, so it’s a good recipe if you’re planning to provide for more than one person.

Pizza is a little more hands-on than other recipes, as you’ve got to spend some time working the dough, but that can be quite fun once you get used to it.

Many, many recipes are out there…why not make it a mission to try several.

Take notes and go back to the one you enjoyed the most.


If there’s one recipe where you can really let loose when cooking, it’s a stir-fry recipe.

There are often packs you can find in stores that contain nearly all of the ingredients and instructions to make it.

While it won’t be made from scratch, it’s a great place to start before you start making your own.

You’re getting a good amount of vegetables and various other ingredients to enjoy, and it makes for a great way to use up your leftover ingredients from other recipes.


Smokin J’s Barbeque-Stir-Fry  on the Big Green Egg

stir-fry on the big green egg

Pork fried rice

Another great way to keep it simple is pork fried rice a tasty way to use up those ingredients that are soon to expire, and it’s fairly simple to make it.

Whether you’re looking to cook up a tasty snack or a lunch, you’ll find this meal to be quite quick to prepare, as well as very filling.

All you need is one pork chop, your leftover vegetables, and a bit of rice.

Throw in any sauces or spices you see fit, and you’ve got yourself a great meal.

Whenever you take on a recipe, if you’re having a hard time remembering all of the steps, or you find that you sometimes skip a step – you can change that.

There are many cooks who take the time to rewrite recipes in their own words before they start cooking.

You can try it with this marinated skirt steak recipe.

This way, you’ve got the recipe fresh in your mind, and you’ve made sure you understand every step before you’ve even begun prepping your ingredients.

It’s a good way to ensure the meal is prepped exactly as intended.

Just jump into the kitchen and get cooking!

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