Was very excited about making Enchiladas Verdes from my favorite cookbook, America’s Test Kitchen.   I was skeptical about trying the tomatillos.  I had never bought them before, much less cooked them, especially roasting them!  I marched off to my local chain grocery store and asked the produce manager for tomatillos.  He pointed to a green, skin coated, tomato looking vegetable.  The skin is much like an onion; however, don’t peel it off for this entrée.

Tossing the tomatillos in vegetable oil, I placed them in the hot broiler for about 10 minutes, rotating the pan half way through.  Upon removing the slightly darkened tomatillos from the oven, I allowed the sizzling, but blissfully aromatic veges to cool.  Although the recipe called for the whole tomatillo to be pulsed till chunky WITH the skin, I elected to remove the skin.

After completing the recipe, I was absolutely delighted at the taste of these unusual enchiladas.  Delicious and relatively easy.  They were a hit!

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