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    5 Essential Cooking Skills Taught in Culinary School

    Most home cooks wish we could afford culinary school.   Not necessarily to get into the restaurant industry, but to “sharpen” our kitchen skills.   Recently attending a cooking school function, I learned exactly what the syllabus of a culinary school includes. Here are 5 basic cooking skill elements taught in culinary school. I. Knife Skills for Cooking Knives are the most important tool in your kitchen.  Using them properly and having proper technique will provide less risk of injury, faster prep times and better results in your cooking. When using a knife, watch the non-knife hand, keeping the food steady. The knife tip never leaves the cutting board surface.  Use the…

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    Buying, Caring, and Storing Knives

    As home cooks, our knives are one of the most valuable, instrumental tools in our kitchens.  Buying a cheap set of knives, encased in plastic, which ironically, you would need a knife to open, is just a waste of money.  Knives are the one tool where you get what you pay for.  Invest in  good quality knives, which have durability sharpness and an excellent reputation.  BUYING KNIVES Buying a knife should be very personal.  Brands and designs vary tremendously.  Some cooks like heavy knives, I actually do not, as I do not have a strong grip. Knives can weigh as much as 10-ounces, some as little as 6-ounces. Weight can…