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Smoothie Recipes for a Healthy Winter

Winter is edging ever closer, and the memories of colorful smoothies and summer sunshine are fading into the remote past – or are they? 

There’s no reason why smoothies have to be a spring and summertime thing, especially when you are considering getting healthy in the new year.

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Why not continue the trend right through the winter. 

In this post, you’ll find five smoothie recipes that are sure to enliven your body and give you the energy you need to shine while the sun hangs low. 


Avocado and Strawberry Smoothie

strawberry banana smoothie in a glassThe best time to consume a healthy smoothie is in the morning before starting your day or in the early afternoon. 

Having one in the evening is also good, but you will not take advantage of the most nutrition.

The strawberry and avocado smoothie is burning with flavor and very healthy.

It contains a lot of protein due to the yogurt, and it’s high in calcium, making it perfect to have at breakfast time. 

This smoothie is very low in calories, but it contains additional protein from the avocado as well as healthy fats. 

Minty Pineapple 

buying and storing leafy greensSome people shy away from green smoothies simply because of the taste.

They might look delicious, but often they have conflicting ingredients and flavors. 

The minty pineapple green smoothie is different; it delivers an exciting and interesting flavor with some serious nutritional qualities.

It contains lime and pineapple, oats and linseed, and some additional greens.

This smoothie is an excellent antioxidant option, great for clearing out your system during the heavy winter months. 

Vitamin Booster Smoothie Recipe

The cold winter months often mean heavy foods that weigh you down and increase salt and sugar cravings.

That’s why you need to give your system some refreshment.

The vitamin booster does just that with a superb selection of vitamin-packed ingredients.

Containing orange, carrot, celery, and mango, the multivitamin booster brings fruit and vegetable combinations into perfect balance. 

Here we have a sweet juice smoothie that offers you antioxidant ingredients, fiber and helps adjust your blood sugar balance during times of plenty. 

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Green Avocado Smoothie

Some people don’t like their green smoothies, that’s fair enough, but others can’t get enough of them.

What could be better than an all in one healthy booster? 

The green avocado smoothie is one such drink.

It contains avocado, kale, spinach, coconut water, and cucumber.

It also has pineapple to balance off the rawness of the greens. 

Don’t let your weight or your health slide this winter just because the weather is gloomy.

Stay hydrated, active, and target the spring. 

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Heart Helper 

The winter usually calls for heavy foods, meats, potatoes, and stews.

You should get enough nutrients from these, but if you want to boost your fresh fruit and veggie intake, try the heart helper and read this really good review of the e320.

The heart helper contains two whole beetroots, an apple, blueberries, and ginger.

You can consume one of these in the morning or refresh yourself into the afternoon.

This drink is sweet, refreshing, and excellent for heart health.



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