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Senate Considering GMO Food Labeling Legislation

Are you concerned about what is in your food?

US RIGHT TO KNOW MOVEMENT LOGOI care about what kind of food I am eating and what makes up this food.  As a grandmother, I am more concerned about the food my granddaughter is eating.  Consumers, myself included, have allowed the federal and state governments to assume the role of regulator.  Why have I done this?  Why do we continue to allow our government to decide which foods are good for us and which are harmful if consumed?

We (Americans) assume the items we purchase at the grocery store are safe to consume and do not incur negative affects on our health.  Therefore, we trust the Food and Drug Administration to monitor and regulate food production and food processing companies.  Proper food labeling is assumed by the buying public.  However, currently there are NO REQUIREMENTS for food companies to label or disclose if their product has been genetically modified.

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Definition of GMO foods:
Genetically modified foods or GM foods, also genetically engineered foods, are foods produced from organisms that have had changes introduced into their DNA using the methods of genetic engineering. Genetic engineering techniques allow for the introduction of new traits as well as greater control over traits than previous methods such as selective breeding and mutation breeding.

I want to know what is in the food I eat!

Recently, the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association reported the U.S. House is considering legislation that will keep me (and consumers) from knowing when GMO’s are used to produce the food we eat (Senate Bill 764).

This legislation is designed to preempt the state level GMO labeling laws, by which it will keep consumer’s unaware about what goes into their food, also known as the DARK ACT, Deny Americans the Right to Know.


QR code exampleThe legislation will allow the food industry to label foods by using a QR code or a toll-free phone number on the package, requiring consumers to either research the internet or make a phone call to find out if there are GMO’s in the products they are buying.  Instead of making the information available to consumers at the point of purchase.

Not only is this difficult on consumers, but it allows the food industry and GMO companies to use “old forms of genetic engineering,” for labeling purposes.  New forms of genetic engineering could be exempt from the labeling requirement, as could oils made from genetically engineered plants.  Senate Bill 764 is not in the best interest of consumers.  This bill is in the best interest of corporate food producers and genetically modification companies, such as Monsanto, to produce cheaper products by using chemicals not inherit to our health.

If you are concerned about what chemicals and products you and your family are consuming, please contact your state representative to express your disapproval of Senate Bill 764.

Below I have included a link for you to find out your state legislators.  Please contact them and let me know what you think about the GMO issue.  I am not saying I would never buy a GMO product; I merely believe I have the right to know what companies are putting in their products, therefore, I will be putting in my body.

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