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Grill Marks Makes an Impression

20160305_150913Grill Marks is a casual, quaint burger restaurant that offers not only fries, burgers and shakes – but also, comfort and southern hospitality.  Established restaurateurs, Mark & Larkin Hammond  constructed over a dozen burger options, blended with Angus beef, chuck, brisket and short ribs, Grill Marks offers indispensable burgers in downtown Greenville.  Located on Greenville’s revitalized downtown Main Street, diners can enjoy outside or an inside experience.  A long marble bar sits where gourmet milk shakes, adult milk shakes, beer and wine are served.  Call ahead seating is available through their website.  Wait times can exceed 30-45 minutes on weekends.

Opened in September of 2012, Grill Marks staff prides themselves on hospitality and respect.  Management wants each guest to enjoy their meal and corrects minor imperfections with humble acknowledgment.

Appetizer combos allow patrons to order any three items from the starter menu.  I strongly recommend the triple-header of skinny fries, fat fries and white truffle parmesan fries.  Serving 3-4 people, this appetizer is sure to please everyone at the table, since all appetizers are prepared gluten free.  Besides juicy, flavorful burgers on a brioche bun (or bun-less), “The HDK,”  a grilled all-beef hot dog, split in half, accompanied by relish, onions, coleslaw and chili is delectable.  The generous portioned classic, oh so creamy chocolate milk shake makes you feel like you are sitting at a retro-style soda fountain luncheonette.  20160305_141003

Ask about the BOW – Burger of the Week with unlimited culinary combinations, dinners could be overwhelmed with the choices.  Several desserts are also available, The Tower, can be intimidating with a “brownie bed, mattress of ice cream, hard chocolate shell and Prestel rods.”  Floats and malts can also be considered to satisfy a sweet-tooth.  Grill Marks  opens at 11 am for brunch.  In contrast to a boring, monotonous chain burger restaurant, visit Grill Marks and enjoy the upscale, innovative, freshly prepared burger options in an unpretentious atmosphere.

In August of last year, owners decided to open a second location in Columbia, South Carolina.  Mark and Larkin Hammond, along with their business partner Bob Munnich have made a profound mark on the Greenville food scene and continue to create interesting culinary experiences diners should appreciate.

Grill Marks

209 S. Main St.

Greenville, SC 29601

phone – 864-233-5825

Call ahead seating is available

Monday – Sunday – 11 am to whenever


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