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Greer, South Carolina Farmers Market Opens

IMG_1904Greer Farmer’s Market Edibles

Greer, South Carolina has opened their annual farmer’s market before most others in the Upstate.  Approximately 20 vendors were available.  Meat, seafood, micro greens, artisan bread, herbs and homemade products were set up and ready to sell.

West End String Band providing entertainment
West End String Band providing entertainment


The rain held off for the opening day of farmer’s market season.  Although premium vegetables were not quite ready for picking (May 5th), several vendors had new product ideas.

Steven Reid was selling his original Humble Roots spreadable pimento cheese.  In 8 oz containers, his creation is delicious and very cheesy.

Inspired by his grandmother, he has developed an excellent product, delicious on Ritz crackers.  Available in smoked Gouda goat, spicy jalapeno or original flavors.  You can order his product online at

IMG_1910Upstate Greens was also at the market handing out samples of their broccoli microgreens.  This was my first experience with fresh, local micro greens and I am sold.  They can be used anywhere you use lettuce or can be applied as a garnish.

I purchased the spicy arugula and the mild broccoli.  I have applied the broccoli as a garnish on multiple dishes that would go great with broccoli.  A very mild crisp texture, I loved it.  The arugula has been great in several salads.  The small containers are easy to store in the refrigerator and will last approximately two weeks.  Upstate Greens founder, Jason is a former Marine and “Homegrown by Heroes” certified.  He explained to me, “microgreens contain up to 40 times higher levels of nutrients than their mature counterparts.”  Supporting a veteran and local farmer with my purchase made the product taste that much better. He grows a multitude of microgreen varieties and herbs.  I cannot wait to try others.

The first of many farmers’ markets proved to be a success.  I plan to visit as many as I can and will let you know about new products and new farmers.


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