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The Marietta Diner Landmark

Marietta DinerWith a shiny, chrome exterior and a warm chestnut interior, The Marietta Diner serves pancakes at midnight, or pasta for breakfast, possibly a slice of delectable cheesecake anytime of the day.  Over 150 items offered on the menu, customer with the most finicky taste buds can find something to please their palate.  On a Saturday morning, hungry for fluffy pancakes and bacon, I paid a visit to The Marietta Diner. Greeted warmly, we were seated without a wait.  Although on a Saturday early morning, the restaurant was not yet busy.
Our friendly server allowed us the extra time to purse the intimidating menu. Besides the standard breakfast offerings, entrees include, seafood, pasta, chicken, salads and Greek favorites prepared almost every conceivable way.  My breakfast special included two large, beautiful pancakes, two scrambled eggs, a Kielbasa sausage link, two strips of bacon, “home” potato fries and toast.  Delicious, filling and reasonably priced at $8.95, breakfast was satisfying and unmistakably southern.
Marietta Diner desserts.Despite eating breakfast, I still was tempted by the bountiful dessert case.   Strategically positioned next to the entrance, every customer can see the delicately decorated cakes and pies.  With over 27 decadent desserts, leave your calorie counter at the door. Pies, cakes, Baldava and a tower of sweetness called a caramel mountain are more than a sweet tooth can endure.
Owner Gus Tselious, a New York transplant prides his restaurant on serving home style cooking with generous portions.  Head Chef, Gus Garidar (know as “Uncle Gus”) overseas 2,000 entrees prepared each day.  His own personal recipe of Greek Lasagna has been one of the most popular menu items and has been featured on Food Network.
Very pleased with my breakfast experience, I look forward to visiting The Marietta Diner again for a more traditional dinner meal. With good service, satisfying food and such a variety of choices – this Marietta landmark will continue to thrive in the community.
The Marietta Diner
306 Cobb Parkway
Marietta, GA 30060
Reservations are not necessary
Accepts all major credit cards
Open 24 hours


  • Renee Goddard

    I have. It’s amazing. I usually get the combination Parmesan. It comes with a soup, I choose Matzo ball, a salad, and fried shrimp, chicken, and eggplant with spaghetti and sauce. It is amazing. Foot high pies and cakes make for a great dessert later at home ( too full to eat it there).

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