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    Basics of Nutrition and Healthy Eating

    Nutrition is considered to be the process of ingestion, digestion, absorption and metabolism of foods and how nutrients in food perform different functions to keep our body operating. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, our bodies require carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. Water, which makes up about 65% of our bodies, acts as a transport medium for nutrients and waste products. Water is constantly being lost through digestion, breathing, sweating and urine. It is critical that you replenish your body at regular intervals.   Although not a nutrient, FIBER plays a key role in keeping nutrients and wastes moving through the body. Some Nutrition Guidelines The relationship…

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    Top 5 Criteria For The Most Tender Steak

    Carnivores crave a most tender, juicy steak? Steak and potato is probably the most popular comfort food for meat-eating Americans. My husband and I have steak at least once a week, usually on Friday’s after a long work week. Such a simple meal requires very little clean up required. Perfect for a Friday evening at home. Also, cooking steak at home is much, much more economical than dining out for steak. Lastly, you control your steak, therefore, with practice, you can cook your steak exactly like you want it. As I promised to my subscribers, earlier this week; Here are my top 5 criteria (no particular order) for GRILLING the…