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    Simple Strategies for Battling Food Cravings

    Do you snack or struggle with food cravings? Finding and mastering the art and science of self-control is a constant struggle. Seemingly minor and unhealthy desires such as food cravings can overpower even the strong-willed. The uncontrollable urge to eat, mostly unhealthy foods, can lead to serious health issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Whether selective or non-selective, an intense craving for junk food can also lead to unhealthy weight gain. However, with the right mentality and technique, food craving is conquerable. Conquering Food Cravings Food cravings can put a big dent on your health or fitness goals. Successfully fighting off those relentless unhealthy and uncontrollable food depends…

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    Roasted Chicken Thighs with Herb Butter

    One of the most simple cooking methods is roasting. Roasting means to oven cook food, whether meats or vegetables, in a shallow uncovered pan. This method usually produces a well-browned exterior and moist interior. Temperatures for roasting are generally higher than for baking, and the pan must be uncovered so the food does not stew in its own juices. Another criterion for roasting is that it requires fat, either as part of the food like duck or added, like butter to potatoes. Cuts of meat or poultry for roasting must be reasonably tender. Tougher pieces are better prepared with moist cooking methods such as braising. What happens in roasting? An…