• 7 Kitchen Design Tips

    7 Important Kitchen Design Tips

    From personal experience of designing my own kitchen, here are 7 Design Tips anyone renovating their existing kitchen or building their dream kitchen, should consider. 1. Do Your Research Before you start the project, make a list of all the things you want in your kitchen. List the types of cabinets you like. Measure the square footage you have to work with. Consider what you like to do in the kitchen. Do you bake? Do you like entertaining? 2. Interview Your Cabinet Maker I considered three cabinet builders before deciding to use Cook’s Construction. I was very comfortable talking with him and even making changes during the process. He was…

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    Crazy for Crispy Celery

    Earlier this year, Chef Curtis Stone developed a 9-course tasting menu centered around celery, for his restaurant Maude in California. He created a celery salad; reduced celery juice for an apple sorbet and braised some stalks for a celeri barigoule. Celeri Barigoule – a traditional Provencal dish of artichokes braised with onions, garlic and carrots in a seasoned broth of wine and water. Early culinary cooking, the artichokes were stuffed with mushrooms, however, modern cuisine no longer uses mushrooms. Some preparations are stuffed with spinach, carrots and cheese. Celery has a crunchy texture, slightly bitter, earthy flavor which has long been served as a cooling accompaniment to hot wings.  …

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    5 Essential Kitchen Shears

    Good quality kitchen shears are essential in any home chef’s sharp object arsenal. I have 7 different pairs of shears in my kitchen – all different. Each pair of scissors is designated for a specific use. I have narrowed my list to FIVE ESSENTIAL kitchen shears. Top 5 Essential Kitchen Shears Please note that I may earn a small commission from purchases made through product links in this post. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Herb Shears               These scissors are great if you like to use fresh herbs, as I do.  With one cut, a small bundle of chives is…

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    National Read a Book Day

    It is National Read a Book Day and I am excited because I love books!  I read all kinds of books from cookbooks to horror.  I refuse to participate in the “digital” book age, preferring to buy all my books in print; and I am not alone 65% of Americans read print books 28% of Americans prefer digital books   I love foodie books and I have included my favorite foodie books. Benefits of reading a book Scientific research has proven reading is good for the mind.  Books sharpen your senses.  If you read the word garlic, it triggers your sense of smell.  Metaphors like, a slimy okra, triggers a…