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    Zucchini Tots on National Zucchini Day!

    National Zucchini Day! Zucchini has long been thought of as a vegetable, it belongs to the squash family, but botanically, it is a fruit because it grows from a flower.  It can grow to a meter in length, however, it is usually harvested when it is half that size.  Traditionally green; however, the golden zucchini, a related hybrid is a deep yellow or orange color. Zucchini’s are very low in calories and contain good amounts of potassium and Vitamin A. The flower of the plant is edible and can be used as a garnish for presentation.   Last month, my daughter-in-law made Zucchini Tots courtesy of Skinnytaste.com The following is…

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    Summertime Strawberries

    Right now is the prime time for strawberries.  Seeing all the fresh strawberries at the local farmer’s markets got me thinking about my delicious Strawberry cake that I make. What is a Strawberry? Strawberries are a red, sweet, juicy fruit consumed in everything from preserves to milkshakes.  Synonymous with summertime, but able to withstand shipping and storage, small berries tend to taste better than that are larger varieties since larger ones tend to be more watery.  Peak season is from April to September, depending upon the location. History First known strawberry was documented in France during the 14th century.  Wild strawberries were harvested and eventually cultivated in domestic gardens during…