• 7 Kitchen Design Tips

    7 Important Kitchen Design Tips

    From personal experience of designing my own kitchen, here are 7 Design Tips anyone renovating their existing kitchen or building their dream kitchen, should consider. 1. Do Your Research Before you start the project, make a list of all the things you want in your kitchen. List the types of cabinets you like. Measure the square footage you have to work with. Consider what you like to do in the kitchen. Do you bake? Do you like entertaining? 2. Interview Your Cabinet Maker I considered three cabinet builders before deciding to use Cook’s Construction. I was very comfortable talking with him and even making changes during the process. He was…

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    My TOP 5 Kitchen Tools

    These are the TOP 5 work horses in MY kitchen, the tools I cannot live without. Let me know if you agree or list YOUR top 5 kitchen work horses in the comments. #5 – Boos cutting board – this one is 18″x24″x1 1/2″ and sits next to my cook top.  I use it to chop all vegetables and herbs, (I use a plastic cutting board for raw meat).  Treating it monthly with mineral oil, it will last a very, very long time. http://www.johnboos.com/Items_page.asp?s=r&SalesCode=&Prod=1&Page=6&Group=15&hdg=Cherry%20R-Board%201-1/2%22%20Thick%20-%20Reversible%20%20&nsf=False&nsfc=False&csa=False #4 – 2 qt. All-Clad sauce pan – it high sides and durability makes it useful for everything from making sauces to reheating leftovers. All-Clad says…