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National Agricultural Day! Thank a farmer…

16poster-spoMarch 15 is National Agricultural Day!  

Below is a link I found interesting – 10 reasons to thank a farmer.

10.  American’s spend only 10% of their incomes on food.  The lowest percentage of any country.

9. The world’s population will grow from 7 billion to 9 billion by 2050. Farmers will need to DOUBLE food production to keep pace.

8. Only 210,000 full time U.S. farmers produce 80% of our food and fiber.

7. Most farms are family-owned enterprises. These families brave exceptional risk and tight margins.

6. For every $1 spent on food, farmers receive less than 12 cents for the raw products.

5. The average U.S. farmer feeds 155 people.

4. U.S. farmers produce about 40% of the world’s corn.

3. Agriculture employs more than 24 million Americans.

2. Farmers endure drought, heat, rain, wind, snow, hail and tornadoes to bring food to America’s tables.

1. Amercan’s enjoy a food supply that is abundant, affordable and among the world’s safest.



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