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Mac’s Speed Shop Offers More Than Barbecue

Mac’s Speed Shop is a restaurant originally opened 11 years ago, in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Currently with six locations between North and South Carolina, the five owners take pride in their concept of “traditional barbecue” matched with good beer; however, the restaurant offers other comfort foods such as burgers, wings and their popular Mac ‘n Cheese.  Although reluctant to eat restaurant style barbecue, my husband and I visited because I wanted a good burger.


Mac's Speed Shop Greenville, SC front doorwayAdvertised as a “beer, bikes and bbq bar,” I was a little intimidated, but their casual, open atmosphere put my mind at ease right away.  The high ceilings and exposed duct system lends itself to the brick building reminiscent of factory buildings in the west Greenville area.  Being just a short walk from Reedy Falls and almost across the street from Fluor Field, the location is perfect for after game patrons and those shopping in the downtown Greenville district.  Fluor field is home of the Greenville Drive, the Class A Minor League Division of the Boston Red Sox.

The huge wooden bar extends 75% of the restaurant, however, plenty of tables exist for those larger groups.  The restrooms are easy to find and bands play on the higher platform dining area on Thursday “Bike Nights.”


Brightly lit and not too loud, women should feel comfortable having a casual cocktail with friends or a quick lunch with their husband.

Family Night is each Monday where after 5 PM, kids can eat free with one adult entree purchase.

Inside Mac's Speed Shop band plays on weekends


The menu offers a wide variety from typical bar food appetizers, to the unique “Tabasco Fried Pickles.”  Wings are smoked, not grilled, not fried, and served with your choice of sauce.  Several salad choices are available for those wanting a lighter fare.  Besides the traditional southern barbecue platters (ribs, brisket, pulled pork), Mac’s Speed Shop offers a “Mexican” barbecue menu that I am sure is full of spicy flavor.

Buffalo Wings at Mac's Speed Shop

Doug ordered the 8 piece “Wing Ding,” accompanied with ranch, celery and carrots.  He requested the “hot classic buffalo” sauce, which he claimed was a tiny bit on the spicy side but not a lingering fire on his tongue.  I was impressed with the size of the wings.  His eight wing portion was too much for him and he could only finish seven of them.



Burger at Mac's Speed ShopI chose the “Route 66” Burger, cooked well and served with a very small portion of french fries.  The burger was prepared with white American cheese, bacon and mayo, of which I added lettuce and tomato.  What is a burger without lettuce and tomato?

The burger was absolutely delicious and the smoke flavor was evident in each bite, with a tender, soft bun.  The french fries were deep fried but I thought there was just not enough of them, relative to the size of the burger.

Drinks and Cocktails

Strawberry cocktail at Mac's Speed ShopOf course, Doug stuck with his most favorite Upstate craft beer, Thomas Creek, the Red Ale being his favorite.  With a 189 beer choices and several specialty cocktails, everyone should find an agreeable adult beverage.  I tried the “Kick Ass Bellini,” without thinking.  Because I like tequila and triple sec ingredients; however, I was not aware that Cava is a sparkling wine and this was the base of the drink.  It was not my favorite.  However, I am anxious to return and try another one of their signature cocktails.

Mac’s Speed Shop has a Beer Club.  A points based system that eventually can be redeemed for Mac’s gear and for every 100 points you earn, you will receive $5 to spend on food or retail merchandise.

Bottom Line

Mac’s Speed Shop is an asset for Greenville.  Good food, reasonably priced and a relaxed atmosphere make it a spot to frequent.  Doug and I probably will revisit to try their award winning barbecue.  I recently discovered they are fellow barbecue cooking competitors.  During the 2015 Memphis In May Barbecue Competition, Mac’s Speed Shop was awarded 5th place in the whole hog category and in 2013 won FIRST PLACE in the red sauce category.  Visit their website to see how you can RENT one of their special event SMOKERS, including THE HOGZILLA.

930 South Main Street

Greenville, SC 29601

Hours:  11 AM – Close



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