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How to Rekindle Your Passion for Cooking

You’re someone who has always loved to cook for as long as you can remember and you’ve always been passionate about food but since the pandemic, you have lost that spark?

You haven’t felt the same level of joy as you step into the kitchen that you once felt.

Don’t panic – at one point or another, everyone struggles with a loss of passion for something that they once loved, and cooking is no different. 

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If you have always loved cooking but have recently lost your mojo for being in the kitchen, then you might be wondering how on earth you are ever going to get that passion back.

It’s actually far easier than you might think to revive your love of cooking, it’s just a case of taking the time to think outside of the box and get creative with what you’re doing.

To help revive your love of cooking and relight your fire for spending time in the kitchen, below are a few tips and ideas for revamping your passion for food! 

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Reinvigorate your passion for food with recipe books

If you’ve started to lose motivation for cooking, it might be that you’re simply bored with the recipes that you have been cooking.

It might be time to think about overhauling your recipe books and trying out some new recipes.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about buying brand new cookbooks in order to overhaul the recipes that you’re cooking – you can find plenty of new recipes online, such as a delicious Mexican rice recipe, for instance.

The great thing about finding recipes online is the fact that whatever you’re in the mood to cook, you’re sure to find a recipe for.

Invest in a cooking subscription

To give the food you’re cooking an overhaul, consider investing in a cooking subscription box or a recipe box. 

As a member you receive ingredients and recipe cards delivered each week. 

As a result, you make and try a few new recipes a week.

Boxes like Hello Fresh and Gusto give you the opportunity to revive your passion for cooking without having to think about what you’re making.

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Utilize YouTube videos

Another great way to make cooking more fun is to consider utilizing YouTube tutorials for cooking.

There is a wide range of different cooking videos online that you can use to make cooking more enjoyable and more exciting.

Whatever you fancy cooking, there’s sure to be a YouTube tutorial available that shows you how to make the dish.

You could even consider starting your own YouTube channel and sharing some of your own recipes on there.

You might find that by sharing recipes that you love with others, that your passion for cooking will reignite.

If you’ve lost your passion for food and cooking, hopefully, the tips and ideas above will help.




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