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Harris Teeter Moves Into Greenville

Harris Teeter Greenville/JoAnn's Food BitesWithin the past year, magazines like Vogue, Southern Living and Food Network have declared Greenville, South Carolina a culinary destination.  Creative chefs are flocking to the Appalachian Foothills with innovative offerings besides the stereotypical meat and three vegetable traditions of southern cuisine.

However, I believe there is another aspect to Greenville’s foodie scene which is just now beginning to blossom – the supermarket shopping experience – and Harris Teeter is the latest addition to the growing trend.

What is the supermarket shopping experience?

I have never been one to enjoy shopping.  I might buy new clothes once a year – if that?  However, I relish the chance to go “grocery shopping.”

Having an I would rather cook from home, perspective – I am excited about the latest Greenville trend of new supermarkets moving into the area.

These “shopping experiences,” allow you to take your time and truly shop. You can buy your groceries, get a meal, buy a drink and enjoy an entire afternoon at the supermarket.

Read about Sprouts recently moving into the Upstate here!

Sprouts Farmers Market Greenville

Besides Sprouts, Greenville has a Whole Foods, Lowes Foods, Fresh Market, Lidl and will be getting a renovated, 71,000 sq. foot, Ingles in Powdersville.

These are incredible options for a foodie who enjoys shopping for food, each with their unique shopping experience.

Harris Teeter in Greenville

When I found out Harris Teeter was coming to the Upstate and a lot of buzz was circulating, I decided to drive to North Carolina and find out what is so special about this North Carolina based chain.

I made a short video, documenting five reasons to like Harris Teeter…watch it here!

Basically, it is a shopping experience.  You could spend most of the day here, but the new Greenville location – takes the adventure to another level.

Upon entering the store, a Starbucks and a Harris Teeter Tavern are available, along with 20 or so dining tables.  Wi-Fi is free and multi-televisions will keep you up to date on current events.

Harris Teeter Starkbucks Greenville/JoAnn's Food Bites
Keep your Harris Teeter loyalty card handy, as you gain points, even at Starbucks.

A huge floral department makes for a pleasant entrance, along with the aroma of freshly baked bread and other hot food options.

A wide variety of baked bread can be purchased, including half loaves, which is great when you are cooking for two.

Pizza by the slice or whole pizzas can be purchased at the Pizza Bar.

Harris Teeter Greenville Pizza Bar/JoAnn's Food Bites

Harris Teeter has a “trail mix bar,” where shoppers can create their own mix of dried fruits, nuts and other healthy snacks, which is sold by the pound.

Harris Teeter Greenville Trail Mix Bar/JoAnn's Food Bites
Make your own trail mix bar at Harris Teeter Greenville


Patrons can create their own lunch plate from the “hot bar.”  Options include chicken, fish or some type of protein with various sides; beans, corn, potatoes, and other vegetables.


The hot bar, an Asian bar, sushi, freshly made sandwiches, and salads are convenient for lunch or grabbing a quick dinner on the way home.   Or you buy your meal, sit at the Harris Teeter Tavern and try a glass of wine or craft beer.

Harris Teeter Hot Meal Bar/JoAnn's Food Bites
Skip the drive-thru. Harris Teeter has many healthy, warm meal options.

Other Harris Teeter Amenities

Besides being a full-size grocery store, with a wide variety of national name brand products, Harris Teeter has a full pharmacy, deli, meat and seafood counter.

Wine, beer, and a very large produce section are standard in their stores.

If you just don’t have time to wait in line, download their mobile app, or order online from a desktop.  You can order subs, pizza or deli items and they will be ready in as little as 15 minutes.

Cakes, party platters, and/or fruit baskets can be ready in as little as 24 hours.

Harris Teeter’s VIC Loyalty Card

Of course, just like every other retailer in the nation, Harris Teeter has their own rewards program – the VIC Card (very important customer).

However, as I discovered, being a VIC card holder has a huge advantage…discounts on specific items, not made available in their weekly advertisements and definitely not listed at the store.

When I was issued my VIC card, I went home and registered my card number along with an email address.  The following week I was sent an email telling me about three items, drastically reduced…

Dasani Water – a 24-pack case of 16.9 oz. bottles – for $2.99, instead of the normal $4.99

Smithfield Bacon – 12-16 oz packages $3.99 each, instead of $4.99.

Oreo Cookies – 15.35 oz package – $1.99 each, instead of $2.99.

The only negative – I only had four days to buy these items.  But these were NOT advertised in the store – but I double checked my receipt – and yes, I did receive the discount during checkout.


There are a few things I need to divulge which could be considered a disadvantage for Harris Teeter.

  1. Location – The new Greenville location is in a very congested area of the city.  Getting in and out of the parking lot is very difficult, especially since the lot is only 25% the size of an Ingles or Kroger parking lot.
  2. Crowds – I have visited the new Greenville location twice; once during the grand opening, when you would expect a large crowd, but I did visit once at 9 am on a Tuesday morning and it was still a full parking lot!
  3. Check out registers are too close together – Registers are offset from the end caps causing customer confusion on how to enter the checkout queue line?  While standing at the register, customers are politely asked, “excuse me,” because the next register’s cashier is only 24-inches away?  When I visited the North Carolina location, this was not the case – so I have no idea why the Greenville location was designed this way?

Besides these few minor details, I will be shopping at Harris Teeter in the future, the shopping experience is just too interesting.

Located at: Lewis Plaza Shopping Center 1720 Augusta St. Greenville, SC 28209
Store hours: 6 am to midnight – daily

Have you ever shopped at Harris Teeter?

What is your favorite supermarket? Please leave a comment!






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