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Gel Pro Mats

About a year ago, when my wonderful husband so professionally installed our new kitchen hardwood flooring, I knew it was time to invest in some good work mats.  After trying several different fabric style brands, I broke down and INVESTED in the Gel Pro mats.  Many of you may have heard of them and are well aware of their price tag.  I was skeptical but I purchased them from my local Bed, Bath and Beyond.  These mats truly work.  They are will not prevent tired feet, but they will prevent your lower back from aching when you are working in the kitchen for several hours.  I do not regret the purchase at all.  As you can see, I have three mats.  I only wish I had purchased two smaller sized mats in place of the one that is six feet long, for in front of the stove.  I am experiencing difficulty in keeping the mats in place.  I have tried anti-slip pads, which did not work.  The mats simply “walked” off the anti slips mats, even after I attached the anti-slip material with tape to the back of the mats.  Most recently, I have applied double sided tape to the Gel-Pro mats in hopes of them not moving on the hardwood floor.  So far-so good.

If you are contemplating the investment & spend quite a few hours cooking, I recommend you bite the bullet.

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