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Foothills Foodie Tour in Greenville

Fall for Greenville
Fall for Greenville Festival

Southern Living Magazine calls the pedestrian friendly downtown of Greenville, South Carolina a “foodie paradise.” 

Vogue Magazine says Greenville is the newest “food city.”

Visitors and locals are overwhelmed with the delectable aromas emanating from all the restaurant choices, while strolling the quaint sidewalks.  This city is just craving some guidance.

Fear no more…Rose Woelker has created a business embracing this booming foodie scene.

Foothill Foodie Tours explores some of the best culinary offerings in a city filled with talented chefs and mixologist.

Foodie Scene in Greenville?

Yes, believe or not, the third largest city in South Carolina has spent nearly 40 years on revitalizing their downtown area, which has become a vibrant mix of restored buildings, sidewalk cafes, plazas with water features and a diverse restaurant scene with over 100 eatery options.   Not to mention the beautiful Reedy River flowing right in the heart of downtown.

Greenville is also home to two of the largest food festivals in the southeast, Euphoria and Fall for Greenville.

Euphoria is a four-day food, wine and music festival set each year in September to celebrate the culinary arts and support local charities.  Award winning chefs, sommeliers and headlining entertainment fill downtown streets, along with thousands of attendees.

Fall for Greenville showcases 40 local restaurants with food and drink samples, while attendees enjoy free concerts for three days.

With a growing population, a scenic touristy downtown, and exploding foodie culture, Foothill Foodie Tours has launched at the perfect time, in the perfect city.

Foothill Foodie Tours Concept

About developing the idea of Foothill Foodie Tours, Rose says, she travels a lot and along with her husband, they always take a tour of the city they are in and they love to eat.  Greenville has a good balance of history and a growing food scene, a good basis for a business model.

Foothill Foodie Craft Cocktail Tour Greenville

With the recent launch of the company, Foothill Foodie Tours offers four walking-tour options

  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Tour
  • Saturday Afternoon Just Desserts Tour
  • Saturday Evening Craft Cocktail Tour (this is the tour my husband and I took)
  • Friday Evening: Vine, Shine and Stein Cocktail Tour

Each tour last approximately two hours and requires less than a half mile of walking.

Depending upon which tour you book, you will visit 4-5 establishments and enjoy samples catered to your specific tour.

Most tours have 6-8 participants, but group tour bookings are available.

Saturday Evening Craft Cocktail Tour

I definitely appreciate a good craft cocktail – as anyone who follows me on Instagram knows.  LOL.  No question which tour I was going to try.

Our group consisted of six participants and Rose was our guide.  We met outside of Husk Restaurant, where we began our tour.


Husk Greenville making a specialty bourbon cocktailRegan Cannon demonstrated a version of their Old Fashioned, which included using a smoking gun infuser.

Regan arrived with Medley Brothers Bourbon, orange peel, bitters and sugar already placed in the glasses.

He loaded the infuser with cedar shavings and trapped the smoke in the small glasses, immediately placing a lid on the jar.

Serving each of us a glass, along with some incredible food samples, we were excited to slowly unscrew the lids to our cocktails, revealing a lethargic, slow rise of smoke. The aroma was like leaves burning on a crisp autumn morning.

The bourbon had a delicate smoky flavor with a hint of sweetness.  It paired very nicely with their Pimento Cheese Dip.

Husk Restaurant's popular Pimento Cheese Dip
Husk Restaurants' peanuts and crispy pig skins










Husk offers a 100% locally sourced three course meal for $39, Sunday through Wednesday.   I even coined a slogan for them – “if it is not from the south, it doesn’t hit your mouth…”    What do ya think?

next stop….


Pumpkin cocktail at Encore GastroloungeI can honestly say, I did not know this place existed but I am so glad I know now.  Available for dinner, small plates, desserts and cocktails, co-owners Heather and Elizabeth (who also own On The Roxx next door), offered us a seasonal cocktail, a Pumpkin Pie Martini.

Made with vodka, pumpkin puree and pumpkin flavored crema, it was very sweet, thick and filling.  However, it contrasted very well with their very popular Duck Fat Fries, topped with a smoked beef shoulder and delectable aioli.  After eating a portion of the fries, you can burn them off at the adjacent dance club.

Encore Gastrolounge Duck fries during the foothill foodie tour
Lollipop Lamp Chops and Duck Fat Fries are only a few examples of the small plates at Encore Gastrolounge

next stop…


Limoncello signature cocktail during the foothill foodie tourOwned by Larkins Restaurants, this Italian newcomer is one block off Main Street, but has a rustic, unconventional vibe.  Executive Chef Alex Castro and Bruce Wise, Certified Wine Specialist  maintain an authentic Italian menu in an upscale, but intimate atmosphere.

For our tour, we were presented a beautiful Limoncello ’75, made with their own blended Limoncello, which is a lemon liqueur, typically from southern Italy.

Limoncello is made from lemon peel steeped in sugar, water and Grain alcohol.  The Limoncello ’75 is topped with Prosecco for effervescence and garnished with lemon peel;  tart but refreshingly different.

The grilled garlic Foccacia bread was amazing.  Dipped in the cleansing, crisp olive oil – it was delicious.  Although a special occasion restaurant, I cannot wait to try their dinner menu.

final stop…


Up On The Roof is a roof-top restaurant/bar which I have visited before.  See past restaurant reviews.

With two roof-top lounges at the top of the Embassy Suites hotel, guest will lose track of time as they linger and enjoy the large cocktail, wine and craft beer menu.  Comfortable sofas, over-sized cushioned chairs and even heat lamps in the winter, make this an after work hot-spot.

One of their best cocktails is the Reedy Peach, sweet, crisp and refreshing, it pairs nicely with their chicken lettuce wraps.  Chicken tenders deep-fried, wrapped in large lettuce leaves and served with a mayonnaise based aioli.

Up On the Roof Chicken Lettuce Wraps during the foothill foodie tour

Book a Foothill Foodie Tour

Greenville has a concentrated restaurant and bar scene downtown – all within walking distance.   Vibrant, energetic and ever-changing, a Foothill Foodie Tour can help locals keep up with the evolving culinary scene.

Out of town visitors can book a Foothill Foodie Tour, or even multiple tours, to catch a glimpse of what Southern Living calls a “Foodie Paradise,” and Rose will even throw in some interesting historic architecture trivia.

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