Food Advocacy

Farmer’s Markets

This weekend many local farmer’s market’s will open.  Homegrown or homemade products will be sold directly by their growers, without the costly distributor.  Freshness is the biggest advantage to buying at farmer’s markets.  Direct communication with the grower can be beneficial if you are inquisitive about chemicals or pesticides being applied to the food you will eat.  Growers can tell you exactly what they may have put on the food.  Also, supporting your own community is gratifying.  Usually, farmer’s markets feature vendors within 50 miles or so, of the city in which the market is advertised.  I plan to visit 4-5 local area farmer’s markets this Saturday morning.  I will report back to you what I find is the best, what is not so good and the deliciousness that I find.

Remember, buying at farmer’s markets should encourage you to pre-plan your meals for the week.  Resulting in more healthy and better budgeted meals.

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