Shucks Oyster Bar Shines Like A Pearl

I don’t have to explain the difficulty in finding a great oyster bar when you do not live anywhere near coastal waters; but, Mr. Pitmaster and I discovered a pearl in the Upstate culinary scene.

Shucks Oyster Bar is a husband and wife owned eatery just 30 minutes southwest of Greenville, South Carolina. Not only do they serve great oysters, the James River variety from Virginia was my favorite, but they have a full menu sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

Shucks Oyster BarThe restaurant sits in downtown Anderson, SC on the town square.

The casual comfortable elongated dining room welcomes those craving good, honest food, reasonably priced.

Chalk blackboards display their impressive list of local brew offerings.

While another board, includes their daily specials and the current oyster offerings.

Opting for their variety platter, I was able to construct my own oyster choices..


   1. Petite Sweets – best for those who enjoy the saltiness of oysters
   2. Gulf Fresh from Alabama – very meaty, subtle salt flavor
   3. James River from Virginia – most delicious, meaty, large oysters.


Incredible Menu

Because everything Devon and Tala have put on the menu is so appealing, it was very difficult choosing what to eat.

After starting with the oysters, four of each variety is on the platter, I had to try the…


Smoked Oyster Deviled Egg. Shucks Oyster Bar Smoked Oyster Deviled Egg

Creamy, but with the perfect balance of smokiness and saltiness from the oyster.

I could have ordered 1/2 dozen more.






Instead, we had to try the Oyster Rockefeller.  Roasted, covered with spinach and Parmesan cheese, they were almost too hot to pick up.

Shucks Oyster Bar Oyster Rockefeller

Shucks have their own “house hot sauce.”  I highly recommend eating your oysters with this 4-month bourbon barrel aged sauce.  The smokiness of just a few drops will be the perfect accompaniment to your oysters.  Don’t let the “hot sauce” term scare you away, it is not too spicy, even for a wimp for hot foods, like me.

Mr. Pitmaster ordered a dozen peel ‘n eat shrimp.  Fresh and crisp, he enjoyed them as if we were visiting the Emerald Coast.

Shucks menu has many more entrees to try, including a barbecue pork sandwich, served with their very own white sauce.

I asked Devon if I could try his sauce, he brought over a rather large sample.

It reminded me of “yum, yum” sauce from most Japanese steakhouses. Devon affirmed, that was his intention.  It seems to be a cross between tarter sauce, vinegar based barbecue sauce and a creamy vinaigrette.

Shucks Oyster House Mac N Cheese Shucks Oyster Bar Mac N Cheese

Being a Mac N Cheese fan, I had to try there homemade version.

Rich and creamy, this mac n cheese is made with cavatappi pasta, or corkscrew pasta.

Topped with huge bacon chunks, this was filling and the portion was enough for two.





Shucks Oyster Bar Key Lime Pie

What best tops off a gulf seafood dining treasure? Well, it would be Shucks Oyster Bar’s very own Key Lime Pie. Rich, delicious, without an overpowering lime flavor.

Open an Oyster, You Might Find a Pearl

After trying several restaurants in the Greenville area, this is the best place for oysters.  Of all the oysters we ate that day, not a single shell.

Austin, the shucker for the evening, did an outstanding, speedy job.

The kitchen sits downstairs from the full-length bar and dining room; therefore, no excessive noise.

Devon and Tala have great hospitality skills and making patrons feel right at home.

The restaurant is personable, quaint and unpretentious.  I felt like, I could’ve hung out there all evening.

About 7 PM, on a Saturday night, the place starts filling up, while a local acoustic guitarist set up his mic and amp.

I know we will be back….

Shucks Oyster Bar

315 North Main Street Anderson, SC 29621

Shucks Oyster Bar on Facebook










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4 Responses to Shucks Oyster Bar Shines Like A Pearl

  1. Catherine says:

    Sounds like you know the good places to eat. It all sounds too good and im not even hungry.

    • JoAnn says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Please consider subscribing as I TRY to write restaurant reviews frequently.

  2. Mmm – fresh shucked oysters and key lime pie. A touch of that aged bourbon sauce would give a unique taste for sure. A nice restaurant review with good pics, thanks for sharing.

    • JoAnn says:

      Thank you so much for taking time to comment. I can tell you those Virginia James River Oysters were large and amazing!

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