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    5 Ways the Potato Can Be Healthy Food

    Making a Potato Healthy Recent research has determined THE POTATO can be healthy.  At only 110 calories for one medium russet potato, they are high in fiber, calcium and potassium.  If cooked properly, they can help lower blood sugar levels. The key to lowering blood sugar, while still enjoying the fluffy, creamy potato, is to accompany your ‘tater with “spud buddies.”  Coined by America’s Test Kitchen, “spud buddies”  are blood sugar helpers which prevent rapid glucose absorption. A List of 5 Spud Buddies 1.Add avocado as a GOOD FAT.   Mash up an avocado and place on top of a baked potato instead of butter or sour cream.   2.Include an…

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    Simplified Leek Potato Soup Recipe

    I have tested many, many different leek potato soup recipes, this simplified version is the easiest and flavorful. What are leeks? Native to Mediterranean countries, leeks hold a flavorful spotlight in today’s culinary scene. Although resembling a giant scallion or green onion, the leek is related to both the garlic and the onion, though its flavor and fragrance are milder and more subtle. It has a thick, white stalk, cylindrical in shape, and has a slightly bulbous root end. Leeks are available year-round in most regions. Tips When Using Leeks Choose those with crisp, brightly colored leaves and an unblemished white portion. Avoid those with withered or yellow-spotted leaves. The…

  • Potato Sausage Hash
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    Upscale Potato Sausage Hash

    I LOVE POTATOES, so much so, you would think I was part Irish.  Around 1845, approximately one million people died in Ireland due to a potato disease knows as “blight.” Some historians believe the pathogen originated in Mexico, where it had already been found, then spread to crops in the United States, making its way to Ireland, via passenger ships sailing from America to Ireland.  Because of Ireland’s deep dependency on the potato, it is estimated half the entire country’s potato crop was destroyed. There are over 50 varieties of potatoes registered with the National Potato Council, however, China leads the world in potato production, almost three times more than…