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    President Obama Signs Inadequate GMO Labeling Law

    The Associated Press is reporting, President Obama has signed the inadequate GMO labeling law which completely negates Vermont’s state law requiring more stringent labeling requirements from companies using genetically modified organisms. New to the GMO labeling controversy?  Please read over my recent post about the topic: Senate Nullifies Vermont GMO Labeling Law Senate Considering GMO Labeling Law Per the new law, the U.S. Agricultural Department will have two years to formulate rules and consequences for violators in the food production industry.  Companies will be required to disclose genetically modified ingredients through text labels, symbols, or scannable QR codes. As reported by Eater.com “the new federal labeling law supersedes strict GMO…

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    National Beer Day: What About Wheat

    It takes WHEAT to make beer… Today commemorates 83 years of being able to buy, sell and drink beer.  What better day to talk about WHEAT and its role in  sustenance and sustainability.  According to the Brewers Association, at the end of 2015, there were over 4,000 craft breweries in the United States, some varietals by these local brew masters include wheat.  Although most breweries incorporate barley,  wheat beer is brewed with a larger proportion of wheat, compared to the amount of malted barley included in the mix.  Wheat is considered a specialty grain and can create different flavors and levels of complexity in the beer.  A beer made from…