• Three bright red tomatoes and one green tomato
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    Maintaining a Healthy Edible Garden Organically

    Maintaining a Healthy Edible Garden Organically Most of us have our edible garden planted and anxiously await mother nature to do her thing; however, maintenance is an integral part to a healthy edible garden. Many view maintaining a garden as work, but I don’t – and if you are reading this, you probably don’t either. Numerous studies have shown that gardening is good physical and mental exercise. Container gardening is growing in popularity because you can grow practically anything, anywhere. You can control your potted plant’s environment far more easily than you can with plants tucked into the ground; however, my tips are conducive for both container gardening and plot…

  • how to use spices and flavors
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    Worldly Spices and Flavors

    As home cooks and gardeners, we know plant growth and agriculture directly relate to geography and climatic conditions. For this reason, herbs and spices directly influence a region’s culinary fare. When creating delicious dishes at home, it is important home chefs familiarize themselves with the different herbs and spices.  Through experimentation and practice, you will find yourself developing a feel for seasonings that will enable you to produce more consistently good flavor in your meals. Basic Principals for Herbs and Spices There are some basic guidelines in using spices and culinary flavors. The most important principal is herbs and spices should enhance the natural flavor of food, rather than dominate…

  • Genovese Basil
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    7 Types of Basil for Spring Gardening

    Used in many Italian dishes or to add springtime freshness to any culinary concoction, basil comes in many varieties, each with their own characteristics. Basil is one of the most fragrant and easiest of all the herbs to grow in your spring garden. Introduced to England in the 16th century, it made its way to America in the 17th century. It flourishes in the warmth of the Mediterranean countries, where it is so successfully combined with sun-ripened tomatoes. The famous, basil pesto, was created in Genoa (northern Italy), usually consisting of crushed garlic, basil, pine nuts, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, blended with olive oil. 7 Types of Basil Plants 1. Genovese …

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    Autumn Leeks Elevate Mashed Potatoes

    Leeks can be intimidating but they capable of making borning mashed potatoes and elevating them to something extraordinary. Usually harvested in the autumn months, they are easy to grow from seedlings and are ready six months after planting. Much like an onion, they form a bulb and a long bundle of leaves above the ground. The soil must be loose and well-drained.  The bulbs of the plant do not tolerate wet soil. As a very hearty vegetable, some varieties can survive during the early winter months, extending their harvest season. Most agree, prolonging harvest will intensify the flavor. Unlike its sister, the onion, leeks have a sweeter, milder flavor, and…