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    Creating a Dinner Party Strategy

    My hubby and I are getting settled into our dream house and after three months, we decided to host our very first dinner party, which means creating a dinner party strategy. He has a rather large family, spread out between several states; therefore, all of us only gather twice or so, each year. Because Christmas is so crazy, this clan celebrates Christmas in January. Creating Your Dinner Party Strategy In the past, hosting a large party would totally stress me out for weeks!  However, for this event, I was gonna make sure things were different. I want to share with you a few things which made my life, so much…

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    5 Non-Food Thanksgiving Tips

    I am lucky, I have been invited to my dad’s house for Thanksgiving, which means, I do not have to prepare the traditional meal. However, I hosted a huge family Thanksgiving several years ago. There is more to it, than just cooking a turkey and few trimmings..   I wanted to give you my 5 non-food Thanksgiving tips. Use biodegradable plates, utensils and napkins Just because Thanksgiving is a bit more special than a weekly, family Sunday dinner, does not mean you cannot use disposable items. Beyond the convenience of not washing plates and flatware till Christmas, using disposable plates allows for quick clean up, so you, the hostess, can…