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    7 Tips For Spring Edible Gardening

    It is almost April 15th and where I call home, it is time to begin my spring edible garden! I kinda get a chuckle, at my expense when it comes to gardening.  When I was much younger, in grammar school, my parents had a garden.  We grew corn, beans, and a few other vegetables.  We had a huge apple tree and prosperous grape vines; so I grew up knowing where food comes from. When I was 10 years old, we moved and no longer had a garden at our house, however, my grandparents still had thriving gardens.   They enjoyed all sorts of greens, beans and squash.  During my teenage years,…

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    Tomatoes: Grocery Store Verses Growing Your Own

    Springtime!  Time to plant those tomatoes… AND STOP BUYING GROCERY STORE TOMATOES. I am absolutely sick of grocery store tomatoes!  The skins are so tough and waxy!  To me, they really have no flavor at all. Did you know….                growers are paid by the pound to propagate and deliver tomatoes to grocery store distributors Did you know...                the majority of grocery store tomatoes have a genetic mutation called the GLK protein, which actually promotes uniformity,                and their bright red color; however, reduces their natural sugars and sweetness Did you know…                commercial growers pick tomatoes while they are still green, before they ripen, then spray them with…