• Luscious leek potato soup
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    Luscious Leek Potato Soup Under an Hour

    Feeling a bit under the weather, I needed a warm, hearty meal for dinner, but did not want the heaviness associated with most comfort meals. I had a couple of leeks in the fridge, then discovered this rustic recipe from Americas Test Kitchen, fulfilling my craving perfectly. The aroma emitted during the sauteing of the leeks in butter is intoxicating. Red potatoes are a must.  They are waxy and low in starch so as to not become water-logged.  Cooking the potatoes so they were tender but not mushy was the key. Of course, I like a little bit thicker soup, so I doubled the flour amount – just make sure…

  • tomatoes and peppers from my garden
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    Garden Planted

    It is after April 15 and the danger of frost has passed so I FINALLY PLANTED MY GARDEN.  Crook neck yellow squash & goldy zucchini Of course, there is always a chance of a freak frost, but doubtful.  As noted in a previous blog post http://joannsfoodbites.com/foodie-bites/top-5-prepping-for-your-herb-garden/  I have already prepped my planters.  I had to change my game plan so, I have tried something new.  I planted my two squash plants and one zucchini in an old wheelbarrow.  The wheelbarrow has a huge gash in the bottom, to provide adequate drainage for my plants. I used a high quality potting soil and will watch them closely. I am also trying…