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    5 Tips for Hosting A Wine Tasting

    I love going to vineyards and wine tastings, which have provided first hand experience on the techniques for proper wine tasting. After visiting dozens of vineyards, AND actually HOSTING my own wine tasting. I want to share my knowledge with you. Believe or not, I hosted two tastings as an adult fellowship program at our home church back in Georgia. The wine events were very popular.  For such a small congregation, I think we had almost all the adults show up. Preparing for the event was fun!  Most importantly, I also had to consider what wine to taste. What country? What varietal? Was the tasting going to have a theme?…

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    Enhance Your National Wine Day

    National Wine Day (Wednesday, May 25), I thought I would give some of my best wine recommendations and hints. Wine Choices If you are new to wine, you should probably determine what flavors you might like before you go shopping.  If you like hearty, full flavored, bold type of drinks, you may like RED wine better.  However, if you tend to order fruity cocktails and enjoy light, crisp type of drinks, WHITE or ROSE wines would suite you better.  This is just a guideline, not a rule.  I typically like white or rose; however, I have purchased mild oak flavored red wine too. Do I Serve Wine Cold or Warm?…