• sliced and whole yellow summer squash
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    Growing and Frying Summer Squash

    Summer squash is common in many southern gardens.  It was a staple on my grandma’s kitchen table. Varieties include CROOKNECK, PATTYPAN, and ZUCCHINI; however, I am a lover of summer squash. Summer squash has thin, edible skins and soft seeds.  The tender flesh has a high water content, a mild flavor, and does not require long cooking. It is ideally grilled, steamed, boiled, sauteed, fried, or used in stir-fry recipes. Buying & Using Supermarket Summer Squash When shopping for summer squash look for those which are firm and feel heavy for their size. Small to medium size squash hold the most flavor, no bigger than 8″ long. The yellow skin…

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    EASY Freezing For My Summer Garden

    As of today, my garden has rendered a great harvest, more than enough for my husband and I.  I have been doing research and I am trying several methods to “preserve” my summer harvest. All fruits and vegetables have enzymes and bacteria that can destroy the nutrients, change the color and texture of the food.  Blanching is a heat treatment that will destroy these enzymes. My first harvest I tried the blanch then freeze method. Although not difficult, it did take most of an evening to complete the process for all my squash and peppers.  Do not allow the vegetables to sit on the counter more than 24 hours before…