• three globe onions
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    Growing and Cooking Onions for Pork Steaks

    Growing and cooking onions are treasured around the world for their pungent flavor and versatility in many dishes.   Onion Characteristics  There are two main classifications of onion – green onions, aka scallions, and dry onions, which are mature onions with a juicy flesh covered with dry, papery skin. There are dozens of dry onion varieties – way too many to go into for this post; however, we will concentrate on the stronger flavored, globe onion, which is what I used for the smothered pork steak recipe below. Globe onions can be yellow, red or white and range from 1-inch diameter, up to 4-inches.   Rich in flavor and mildly pungent, these…

  • sliced and whole yellow summer squash
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    Growing and Frying Summer Squash

    Summer squash is common in many southern gardens.  It was a staple on my grandma’s kitchen table. Varieties include CROOKNECK, PATTYPAN and ZUCCHINI; however I am a lover of summer squash.  Summer squash have thin, edible skins and soft seeds.  The tender flesh has a high water content, a mild flavor and does not require long cooking. It is ideally grilled, steamed, boiled, sauteed, fried or used in stir-fry recipes.   Buying & Using Supermarket Summer Squash When shopping for summer squash look for those which are firm and feel heavy for their size. Small to medium size squash hold the most flavor, no bigger than 8″ long.  The yellow skin…

  • Three bright red tomatoes and one green tomato
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    Maintaining a Healthy Edible Garden Organically

    Maintaining a Healthy Edible Garden Organically Most of us have our edible garden planted and anxiously await mother nature to do her thing; however, maintenance is an integral part to a healthy edible garden. Many view maintaining a garden as work, but I don’t – and if you are reading this, you probably don’t either. Numerous studies have shown that gardening is good physical and mental exercise. Container gardening is growing in popularity because you can grow practically anything, anywhere. You can control your potted plant’s environment far more easily than you can with plants tucked into the ground; however, my tips are conducive for both container gardening and plot…

  • Basil in my container herb garden
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    Container Vegetable Gardening Tips

    Usually, this time of year, I am monitoring my garden, watering and looking forward to a June harvest; however, due to breaking a bone in my foot at the end of April, I have been limited on what I can do. My plot garden never was tilled and nothing was planted.   Until recently, it was not even mowed. I am grateful I purchased and planted several tomato plants, some herbs, a pepper plant and some lettuce before I injured myself. Doctors told me, I broke a bone attached to two tendons in my foot; resulting in an extra long time of healing. After four weeks of limited mobility, struggling with…

  • how to use spices and flavors
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    Worldly Spices and Flavors

    As home cooks and gardeners, we know plant growth and agriculture directly relate to geography and climatic conditions. For this reason, herbs and spices directly influence a region’s culinary fare. When creating delicious dishes at home, it is important home chefs familiarize themselves with the different herbs and spices.  Through experimentation and practice, you will find yourself developing a feel for seasonings that will enable you to produce more consistently good flavor in your meals. Basic Principals for Herbs and Spices There are some basic guidelines in using spices and culinary flavors. The most important principal is herbs and spices should enhance the natural flavor of food, rather than dominate…