• Basil in my container herb garden
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    Container Vegetable Gardening Tips

    Usually, this time of year, I am monitoring my garden, watering and looking forward to a June harvest; however, due to breaking a bone in my foot at the end of April, I have been limited on what I can do. My plot garden never was tilled and nothing was planted.   Until recently, it was not even mowed. I am grateful I purchased and planted several tomato plants, some herbs, a pepper plant and some lettuce before I injured myself. Doctors told me, I broke a bone attached to two tendons in my foot; resulting in an extra long time of healing. After four weeks of limited mobility, struggling with…

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    Properly Storing FRESH Herbs At Home

    These days, home cooks can buy fresh herbs at their local supermarket.  Most retailers sell cilantro, flat leaf parsley, curly leaf parsley, basil and thyme. Always buy the freshest bunch.  Try smelling them. Fresh herbs should have a strong, fresh aroma.  The leaves should look clean, green and crisp. Once home, do not clean them right away.  Water on the leaves creates a home for mold and the plant will deteriorate much faster with damp leaves.  Instead, wait till just prior to use, before rinsing them – but RINSE them before consumption. Some “food writers” recommend cutting the tips of the stems off before storing them; however, I have never…