Discovering Local Food at Ingles Markets

Taste of Local food products

One of my missions with this blog is to encourage foodies to support their local food producers, whether it be through CSA”s (Community Supported Agriculture) or buying produce at the local farmers markets. Since moving to the Appalachian Foothills area, I have never before witnessed such support for local farmers and food products. The regionalRead more

5 Expected Food Trends for 2018

2018 Food Trends JoAnn's Food Bites

Being a food blogger, I try to stay up to date on all the industry food trends. Following food writers Marion Nestle and Dianne Jacob, among magazines and blogs, I have found my top five food trends which may influence the grocery and restaurant industries for 2018.   5. Sugar Under Fire Admit it, theRead more

President Obama Signs Inadequate GMO Labeling Law

The Associated Press is reporting, President Obama has signed the inadequate GMO labeling law which completely negates Vermont’s state law requiring more stringent labeling requirements from companies using genetically modified organisms. New to the GMO labeling controversy?  Please read over my recent post about the topic: Senate Nullifies Vermont GMO Labeling Law Senate Considering GMORead more

Senate Nullifies Vermont GMO Labeling Law

Follow up to yesterday’s post Yesterday, the U.S. Senate decided to pass Bill 764.  This essentially nullifies Vermont state law requiring food producers to print directly on the label, if their product contains GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms).   This bill follows a lawsuit filed by the Grocery Manufactures Association (GMA), along with three other tradeRead more

Senate Considering GMO Food Labeling Legislation

Food Trends 2018 GMO

Are you concerned about what is in your food? I care about what kind of food I am eating and what makes up this food.  As a grandmother, I am more concerned about the food my granddaughter is eating.  Consumers, myself included, have allowed the federal and state governments to assume the role of regulator. Read more

Corporate Food America Wins Yet Again

Senate blocks bill that would override state GMO labeling laws The U.S. Senate on Wednesday blocked a bill that would nullify state and local efforts to require food makers to label products made with genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, as the industry races to stop Vermont’s law from taking effect on July 1. The proposedRead more