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Moonshine Creek Campground

After our wonderful experience at a family operated KOA Travelers Rest campground, see my summary at http://joannsfoodbites.com/camping-koa-travelers-rest/; Doug and I were looking for another family-operated campground in the Blue Ridge Mountains for a quick getaway Fourth of July weekend.  Moonshine … Continue reading

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Camping at KOA in Travelers Rest, South Carolina

Taking the camper to the mountains Last fall, when my husband discussed relocating to South Carolina, I was apprehensive but excited.  I knew the process of packing our belongings, moving and getting into a new house was going to be … Continue reading

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Using a Camper Microwave-Convection Oven

What is a microwave-convection oven Installed frequently in recreational vehicles, it is a combination of a regular convection oven with a microwave.  Users are able to use the quick interior cooking of microwaves combined with the surface browning of hot … Continue reading

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