7 Day Eliminate Processed Foods Challenge

processed food chips

I started this food blog because                 I LOVE food.                 I love cooking food,                eating food and                shopping for food. I think my lust for this necessity of life, has led me down a path of occasional laziness. Yes, even foodies can be lazy sometimes. Partially to blame for my laziness isRead more

Pasta Can Be Healthy

whole wheat pasta - 100 Days Real Food - joanns food bites

DAY 6 of my 100 Days of Real Food Challenge and my #1 issue is PASTA!  I crave it constantly. Scientific research claims when we crave carbohydrates, it is usually due to the association of comfort and our mood. Besides the energy boost, carbohydrates provide solace during stressful times. Although I don’t feel it, subconsciously,Read more

Fish Tacos: 100 Day Real Food Challenge

fish tacos - 100 days real food challenge

Challenge is an UNDERSTATEMENT. When your household hates vegetables and you are a foodie, this 100 days of real food is nearly impossible. Today’s recipe is in Lisa Leak’s new cookbook, 100 Days of Real Food: Fast & Fabulous: The Easy and Delicious Way to Cut Out Processed Food.   Easy Fish Tacos with PicoRead more

Eating Real Food to Lose Weight

Lisa Leake-100 Days of Real Food Fast & Fabulous-joanns food bites

Last weekend, I saw an old friend of mine who has lost over 20 lbs this summer.  She looks great!  She was full of energy and seemed to have more pep in her step, than her usual good-spirited self.  I admit, I was jealous. She says she has been calorie counting, eating real food andRead more